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Visual Foxpro

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by DevX Pro
Which is faster, LOCATE (without parameters) or GO TOP? How fast is the one from the other? Why is one faster than the other?
API Registry Calls
by DevX Pro
I have code in Visual Basic that allows a user to search the Registry and return a value from the passed key and path. Can you show me a simple way of implementing this in Visual FoxPro?
Auto-Incrementing Key Field
by DevX Pro
Is there a command in Visual FoxPro 6.0 that is similar to the Microsoft Access "AutoNumber" feature? The field automatically generates a record number for each record.
Comparing Date Fields
by DevX Pro
Can I compare the DATE field with Visual FoxPro? How would I structure a query to select all records in a table that had a date value after 02/08/99?
Creating a New ID
by DevX Pro
I am new to VFP. I want to create a unique number for a customer ID field in a table. The VFP sample program "tastrade" simply uses NEWID() as the default value for the given field. When I try the same in a new database I get the error message, "NEWID.PRG does not exist." This is simple to do in Microsoft Access, but I have spent a couple of hours on it already with VFP. How do I create a unique number when entering new data into a row of a table? Thank you for your help.
Creating an Executable File from a Project
by DevX Pro
I copied my executable file and the VFP6R.DLL, VFPRENU.DLL, FOXUSER.DBF and FOXUSER.FPT files to my user's PC. When I try to run it, the screen form flashes and the program just quits. What am I doing wrong?
Disabling Items in a Listbox
by DevX Pro
I have a listbox with two properties called DisabledItemBackcolor and Forecolor. How can I disable single items in the listbox? List.Enabled(ItemID)=.F. disables all items (like the Enabled-Property itself). You can see the DisabledItem-Colors in effect if you set RowSourceType to 7 (Files). Then the second item shows the actual path and the third item is a separator. Both are disabled, using the Colorproperties, so there must be a solution.
Maximizing the Browse Window
by DevX Pro
When I use the BROWSE command it always displays the results in a normal window. Is there a command to maximize the browse window in the program?
Multiple Line Headers on Grids
by DevX Pro
Can I have multiple line headers on grids?
Cannot Quit FoxPro
by DevX Pro
I have built an executable file and included a READ EVENTS command. After running the .exe, I am unable to quit VFP. The message I get reads: "Cannot quit FoxPro."
Printing a Report to a RTF or HTML File
by DevX Pro
Can you create a HTML or RTF file in Visual FoxPro? If so, how?
Report Contains Too Many Fields to Fit on a Sheet
by DevX Pro
I am outputting a report that contains more fields than will fit on a single sheet. The process has to be done as three separate reports: Report 1 - Fields 2 to 14 Report 2 - Fields 15 to 27 Report 3 - Fields 28 to 40 How can I put variables into the report fields to point to the relevant table fields? This would enable me to use one report and vary the field reference. I hope this makes sense.
FoxPro Syntax
by DevX Pro
I was told that aMemo and alines are FoxPro commands but I can not find them in FoxPro help. Is my version of FoxPro too old? I am on version 5.0 dated August 21,1996.
Hiding the Command Window
by DevX Pro
How can I hide the command window when a project is running?
Creating an Application Setup Wizard
by DevX Pro
How do I create an Application Setup Wizard from Visual FoxPro?
Help Files in Applications
by DevX Pro
I created a "help" button in a form and coded this button's click event as: { help } The code { set help to MyHelp.chm } is included in the main program before the "do form." When I make an application through Setup wizard and install it in a computer that has no VFP, the help button does not display the help window and doesn't give an error message either. What's going on?
Accessing the Container of an Object
by DevX Pro
How do I find the parents of a control?
Carriage Returns in Text Files
by DevX Pro
I have written a function which strips out all carriage returns from a memo field passed to it, replacing them with the characters "". The returned piece of text is then placed/merged into a text file. However, when I go to look at my text file, it appears that several carriage returns or paragraph marks have been inserted at random points throughout the file. What is causing this? How can I prevent paragraph markers being inserted into the text?
Number of Fields Allowed in a FoxPro Table
by DevX Pro
How many fields is one allowed in a FoxPro table?
Pausing Code to Call Another Form
by DevX Pro
I have a form with a block of code that hides the form and then calls another form. This other form accepts input, saves it to a table and then returns to the block of code that called it, which should then show the initial form. Problem is the code doesn't wait for the called form to be completed. The code hides the form, calls the new form, and then shows the initial form, which is now on top of the called form. How do I pause the block of code until I return from the called form?
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