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BDE Configuration
by DevX Pro
I've developed a database using Microsoft Access, exporting the files to a Paradox 5 format. Now, the application I've developed that utilizes this database is currently running on two machines. The first machine, which I used to develop the application, is running Access and Delphi 2. The other machine is running Delphi 2, but not Access. Previously, the application ran properly on a third machine, also running Access and Delphi 2. Now, when I place the compiled application on the third machine, or any other for that matter, I receive the following error message: Exception EDBEngineError in module ROCKWELL.EXE at 000432F4. Invalid file name. However, the BDE Configuration utility reports that the path for the database alias, in addition to the table/file names, is correct, and that the alias is properly named. In addition, I've developed a quick and dirty InstallShield setup program that properly installs the program files and database tables and configures the BDE and alias. However, when using this setup program, I still get the same error. The two machines that the program is running on differ only by the software installed, and all the machines that I've tried either to install the application via the setup program or copy the files directly refuse to run the program. Is it something in the BDE, my code, or the hardware that is causing the invalid file name errors? I had the application working for a while on various machines, and after switching from the Database Desktop to Microsoft Access, it refused to run on one of the machines. It's been a nightmare ever since. However, I must stress that it runs properly on the machine that I developed both the database and the front end on, as well as another machine that only runs Delphi 2. I'm at my wits end with this problem, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Putting Hints in Status Bar
by DevX Pro
I am using the application.onhint example from the Delphi help files to put all hints in my status bar. It works on all but one form. I'm using the Client Server version of Delphi 3. Thanks in advance. Neil Griffiths Junior Developer, Information Solution LTD Ireland
Component Events
by DevX Pro
How can I add a new event to an existing component (for example, OnScroll to a TTreeView) without building a new ComponentClass?
Don't Show Form at Startup of System Tray App
by DevX Pro
I tried your procedure for placing my application on the system tray and it works fine. My problem is that it opens the form1 when the application is executed, but I do not want to open it until the user clicks on the menu item on the right-click menu of the system tray icon. Any help will be greatly welcome.
Increase Query Performance
by DevX Pro
I have a form that uses one data source and one query component. The data set of the data source is the query. Depending on the process, I assign different filter strings to the query during run time. When I run the application, the record access is slow. How can I improve the query execution speed? Is it better to create several query components and just change the data set of the data source at run time?
Related Database
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to make outer join by the query builder in Delphi 2.0 but the only active option is inner join. I want to use left outer join and right outer join although I tried to use Paradox, Dbase, and Interbase. How can I create UNION query in Delphi 2.0?
Running an EXE file via a Delphi App
by DevX Pro
I want to be able to run an EXE file on a button click in one of my Delphi applications. Is it possible to do this? Where do I declare the file I want to run, and how do I put it into basic code?
DBENGINE - 16 bit
by DevX Pro
I need to use the BDE in a Windows 3.11 environment. My Delphi 1 system does not include BDEINST material, although the help files refer to it. How can I simply install a 16 bit BDE on Windows 3.11? My current BDE files are 32 bit and have been updated via Internet updates.
SQL and Tables
by DevX Pro
If I have a table open, can I execute SQL.Open? I was going along fine querying different tables, but now I have a table.open and am trying to query the same table and I get an access error. Please help!
Stay on Bottom Forms
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to make a window like the Stay on Top window, but make it stay behind? For example, if you click on the desktop it does not come to the front. I would like to make a form that does the same thing: stays usable but from behind all other applications. I hope this makes sense.
Text Orientation in a Bitmap
by DevX Pro
How is it possible to write a vertical text (with TextOut procedure) in a bitmap (Delphi 2)?
Access Violation Error
by DevX Pro
I developed a database using AS400 components. Everything compiled and it was working for awhile. I have not changed anything in the project and now whenever I close the project or exit from it, I get an "Access Violation Error." I can still run it and everything works fine but once I exit from the project it gives me that error and my computer locks up. I have to re-boot my computer because the error message says it's still in debugging mode and I can't do anything to get out of it. I don't know what else to do. I've tried starting a new project by importing all the forms over and re-compiling it, but it still gives me the error when I try to exit from it.
Computing Number of the Week
by DevX Pro
I want to compute the number of the week. Thanks in advance PLM
Delphi SQL Parameters
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to use a parameter on the left side of an equality in a WHERE clause? For example: SELECT * FROM TblName WHERE :parm1 = :parm2 When I do this, the results I get suggest that every record passes the equality test, which shouldn't be the case. Thank you.
Error Creating Window
by DevX Pro
In my Delphi 1.0 application, when I open a form (e.g. ClientForm.Show) I get an error message: "Error creating window." This error occurs when several forms (nine or ten forms that manage Paradox tables) were previously "showed" then "closed." An EOutofMemory exception is raised, but doing a MemAvail shows that 16 MB still remains in heap. I don't know what the problem is.
Getting Application List
by DevX Pro
How can I get a list of currently running applications and, more importantly, handles to their windows?
ListBoxes and ItemData
by DevX Pro
How can I expose the ItemData property of a ListBox to use it for storing longint data that corresponds to each item in the list in Delphi 3.0? I looked in the windows.pas unit and saw that it was a protected property. Is there a way to make it a usable? Thanks greatly, Seth Weiner
Multiple Inheritance
by DevX Pro
I read somewhere that Object Pascal, the language used in Delphi, does not support multiple inheritance. Is this true?
Parameter Passing
by DevX Pro
I am writing a program that needs to keep a running total of ID numbers allocated for this reason. The ID numbers are in an auto-increment field. I need a mechanism to keep a count of numbers assigned so that it may be incremented so that the next ID number can be displayed prior to the record being posted. Any ideas?
Recommended Delphi Books
by DevX Pro
I am looking for a good introduction book to Delphi. I know Turbo Pascal, but I am still a beginner in the field of OOP and in the field of Delphi. It is quite easy to use and manipulate predefined components with Delphi. But sometimes it is also necessary to build components from scratch and it is here that I lose my general view of things. Can you recommend a good and thorough book for me that introduces the basic structure of Delphi and goes through the different object trees?
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