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Using LINQ for Queries
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Intermediate
Using LINQ to Identify Empty Text Boxes in C#
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
Reading a File Backwards Quickly in C#
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
Adding a ShowDesktop Feature to Your Applications
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Intermediate
Locking Your Computer with C#
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Intermediate
Minimizing All Open Windows
by Hannes du Preez
It is quite easy to minimize all currently opened windows with C#. All you need to know is a few APIs.
Prevent Shutdown from a C# App
by Hannes du Preez
It is possible to prevent a system shutdown from within your C# apps.
Pitfalls in C#: Changing From a Field to a Property
by Boris Eligulashvili
Learn more about the challenges that software developers face when fields are changed to properties in C#.
Merge XML files into a PDF Document in .NET
by Azam Sher
Learn how to merge XML files into a PDF document in .NET.
Java Tip: Optimization Technique for Lists
by Deepak Tyagi
An ArrayList that is not initialized with the proper size can slow your Java application's performance.
Referencing External Configuration Files in .NET
by Deepak Choudhari
Use two separate configuration files to represent settings for development and production environments.
Convert a PPT File into an Image or HTML File in .NET
by Deepak Choudhari
Get the .NET code for programmatically converting PowerPoint presentation files into images or HTML files.
Programmatically Retrieve a System's Logical Drive Information with C#
by Deepak Choudhari
Use C# and the System.Management namespace to retrieve information about logical drives in a given system.
Auto-generate Visual Studio Project Documentation with GhostDoc
by Deepankar Sinha
GhostDoc is a free Visual Studio extension that automates the process of writing code comments. Find out how you can use it to document your code automatically.
Use the Cassia .NET Library to Detect Users Connected to Windows Server
by Deepak Choudhari
Thanks to the Cassia .NET Library, you can programmatically detect the users connected to Windows Server without using PInvoke to call the Windows Terminal Services API.
A Simple Password-Checking Routine
by Brian Abernathy
Here's a simple password-checking routine that ensures that the user-entered password matches specific password criteria.
Make Your WPF Applications Adapt to the Host Machine
by Srinath MS
Use WPF's ability to recognize and adapt to the graphics capabilities of its host machine to improve your application's performance.
Globally Register User and Custom Controls in ASP.NET
by Deepak Choudhari
Avoid having to include the <@Register> command on every page that needs a custom or user control.
Serialize Any .NET Object to a JSON String
by Deepak Choudhari
With JSON's popularity increasing by leaps and bounds, you'll find this technique useful.
ASP.NET Workaround: Calling a JavaScript Function from a HyperLinkField in a GridView
by Srinath MS
You can call a JavaScript function when a user clicks a HyperLinkField in a GridView control—you just need to use this workaround.
21-40 of 1956     Previous     Next
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