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Converting Between List and String Types
by Srinath MS
You can convert .NET Lists to delimited strings—and vice-versa.
Evaluating an Object's PropertyPath
by Rahul Singla
This workaround provides a way to evaluate the PropertyPath value of an object, even if it's not bound to a data consumer.
Understanding Java's Integer Pool Can Avoid Problems
by Shreyas Pai
When apparently-equal integer values fail an equality test, remember the integer pool.
Returning Zero-Length Arrays in Java
by Nagaraj Ramesh
Define a static final zero-length array and return that rather than null from methods that return array types.
RegEx.Split vs. String.Split
by Srinath MS
Use RegExSpllit when the String.Split method isn't flexible enough to meet your needs.
How to Build a .NET Solution or Project from a Command Prompt
by Deepak Choudhari
You don't always have to use Visual Studio to compile your solution or project; you can build from a command prompt.
Convert Hashtable Keys or Values into an ArrayList
by Deepak Choudhari
The key is to use the ArrayList constructor that takes an ICollection.
Consuming .NET Web Services from Classic ASP with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit
by Srinath MS
The Microsoft SOAP Toolkit makes it easy to use .NET web services from classic ASP.
Make Web Requests Programmatically in .NET
by Deepak Choudhari
Find out how to make web requests over HTTP to a remote server—and read the results.
Create and Save Thumbnails of Web Pages
by Srinath MS
The .NET WebBrowser control makes it easy to create and save thumbnail images of web pages.
Quickly Set a Form to a User's Working Area Size and Location
by Srinath MS
This tip resizes and positions a form so it takes up the full extent of a user's working area.
Create a Popup Calendar in ASP.NET
by Anmol Gupta
This handy popup calendar lets users select a date without requiring much space on the main page.
Getting Better Sound Capabilities in .NET 3.0
by Laks Schabse
The new MediaPlayer class in .NET 3.0 removes many of the limitations of the older SoundPlayer class.
How to Disable the Focus Rectangle on WPF Controls
by Laks Schabse
Like Windows Forms controls, most WPF controls display a focus rectangle when they have the focus, but you can control that behavior easily.
How to Iterate Through All the Properties of a Class
by Deepak Choudhari
Using Reflection, you can easily iterate through all the properties of a .NET class.
Quickly Find All "TODO's" in Your .NET Project
by Srinath MS
Visual Studio can show you a list of all the TODO statements in your code.
Create a Generic List at Run Time
by Srinath MS
This tip shows you how to create a generic list of a specified type at run time.
Using the OneWay Web Service Attribute
by Srinath MS
When you call a void web service method, apply the OneWay attribute to avoid having the calling thread wait for a response.
Displaying Embedded Newline Characters from ASP.NET Resource Files
by Deepankar Sinha
Embedded newline (\n) characters don't display properly in the browser, but a simple character-replace operation does the trick.
Incrementing a C# Variable Efficiently
by Bashir Nabeel
Avoid postfix operators when incrementing composite objects.
61-80 of 1932     Previous     Next
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