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.NET Archives

Quick Way to Download a File in C# - 01/20/2017
Check if a String Contains a Phrase - 01/10/2017
Determine Whether or Not a Form Is Open - 12/20/2016
Bypassing a Dialog Window's DialogResult - 12/13/2016
Determine CPU Usage with C# - 11/29/2016
Calculate File Size in C# - 11/15/2016
Detect Internet Connection in C# - 11/09/2016
Using BitBlt to Copy Images in C# - 10/25/2016
Determine What Permissions the User Has on the System - 10/07/2016
Find and Activate External Windows - 09/30/2016
Disable or Enable Controls in a Parent Control, Except for one - 09/16/2016
Giving a User Control a Border - 09/01/2016
When to use CType, TryCast, DirectCast, CBool, etc. - 08/29/2016
Validating Dynamic Arrays - 08/24/2016
Error Log with USING & Try Catch - 08/09/2016
SynchronizationContext in C# - 07/12/2016
Using LINQ for Queries - 07/05/2016
Using LINQ to Identify Empty Text Boxes in C# - 06/28/2016
Reading a File Backwards Quickly in C# - 06/22/2016
Adding a ShowDesktop Feature to Your Applications - 05/25/2016
Locking Your Computer with C# - 05/18/2016
Minimizing All Open Windows - 04/18/2016
Prevent Shutdown from a C# App - 04/11/2016
Pitfalls in C#: Changing From a Field to a Property - 11/05/2014
Merge XML files into a PDF Document in .NET - 03/17/2011
Java Tip: Optimization Technique for Lists - 03/08/2011
Referencing External Configuration Files in .NET - 05/25/2010
Convert a PPT File into an Image or HTML File in .NET - 05/24/2010
Programmatically Retrieve a System's Logical Drive Information with C# - 05/21/2010
Auto-generate Visual Studio Project Documentation with GhostDoc - 04/15/2010
Use the Cassia .NET Library to Detect Users Connected to Windows Server - 04/06/2010
A Simple Password-Checking Routine - 12/16/2009
Make Your WPF Applications Adapt to the Host Machine - 12/11/2009
Globally Register User and Custom Controls in ASP.NET - 12/07/2009
Serialize Any .NET Object to a JSON String - 11/23/2009
ASP.NET Workaround: Calling a JavaScript Function from a HyperLinkField in a GridView - 11/11/2009
Use Enumeration Instead of SAFEARRAY to Get an Array's Elements - 11/09/2009
Detect Recursive Calls in Your .NET Code - 11/06/2009
Quickly Determine Whether a Column Is Fully Visible in a DataGridView - 11/06/2009
Create ASP.NET Dynamic Hyperlinks from URLs Stored in Web.Config - 11/06/2009
Add an Image Command Field to a GridView at Runtime in ASP.NET - 10/30/2009
The Best Way to Hide a Column in a DataGrid - 10/29/2009
Use Array Predicates to Simplify Searches  - 10/19/2009
Generate Metatags for ASP.NET Pages Dynamically  - 10/14/2009
Deploying the CrystalReportViewer Control to a Production Web Site - 10/06/2009
Access ASP.NET Form or Control Values from One Page in Another Page  - 10/02/2009
Disable the Standard Windows Close, Minimize, and Maximize Buttons - 10/02/2009
Portable Functions to Check for NaN and Infinity - 10/02/2009
Convert a Delimited String to a Generic List<string> - 09/25/2009
Create an Interface from a Class in Visual Studio - 09/25/2009
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