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C# - Page 3

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Use the "as" Operator for Reference Type Casting
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Using the "as" operator for reference type casting makes your code more readable, and can prevent exceptions should a type mismatch occur.
Creating and Using Resource Files
by Sachin Kainth
This tip uses the example of an input form to show you how to create and use resource files.
Send Email in C# Code
by Sachin Kainth
This code shows how to send email in C# code.
Initializing a TextBox
by Vadivel Mohanakrishnan
Learn the two ways to initialize a TextBox whose TextMode is "password" with a default password.
Creating Methods with a Variable Number of Arguments
by Bogdan Raducanu
Find out how to use the keyword params to define a method which will accept a variable number of arguments of the same type.
Structs with Care: Boxing
by Navin Varma
This tip helps guide you in deciding whether an object should be a class or a stuct.
Assign a Default Value to a Password Control in ASP.NET
by Prasad Haridass
Use this code to assign a default value to a password control in ASP.NET.
Export Data Grid Content to an XML File
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
In the absence of any XML support functions, you can use the RenderControl method to extract content from a Data Grid into an .xml file.
Building .NET Projects with the Correct References
by Boris Eligulashvili
This tip explains how to work with the ReferencePath property in your VB.NET and C# projects.
Set Your onclick Event to Occur on the Client Before the Server
by Huang Rickel
Follow these three simple steps to set your onclick event to occur on the client before it occurs on the server.
Manage User Control Values Using Javascript in an .aspx File
by Santhi Maadhaven
Learn how to retreieve and set user control values in your .aspx files using JavaScript.
An Efficient Method of String Concatenation
by Prasad Haridass
A good way to concatenate strings is to use the StringBuilder class.
Access GridView Container Row Items from the Button Click Event
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Learn how to access GridView container row items from the button click event.
Call a Function or Subroutine with Its String Name Using the Invoke Method
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
While the VB6 function CallByName still works in ASP.NET, you can now also use the Invoke method of the MethodInfo class to perform the same tasks. Find out how.
Visual Inheritance with C#
by Boris Eligulashvili
Microsoft VS.NET provides design-time support for form inheritance. A derived form can be added to your solution by right-clicking on your project in the Solution Explorer window and choosing "Add..." and then "Add Inherited Form…" from the context menu.
Draw a Rectangle Around the Toolbar Button
by Yuriy Bas
The code in this tip draws a rectangle around the toolbar button when a user moves their mouse over it.
How to Determine the Item Selected from a Property Grid Drop-down List
by Vladimir Shaposhnik
In Visual Studio, when you select an item on a form you're building, the Property Grid appears and lets you set various properties (e.g. background color, width, height, text color, etc.) from a two-column table. This tip shows how to know which item a user selects from the drop-down list.
Set Two Items of a Property Grid from the Drop-down List
by Vladimir Shaposhnik
The example in this tip demonstrates the technique for setting two items of a property grid from the drop-down list
Restrict Users to Launching Only One Instance of an Application
by Vimal Kanth
Use this code to restrict users to launching only one instance of an application.
Create and Retrieve a Named DataSet
by Victor Stefanescu
Use this C# function to create and retrieve a named DataSet using an open connection and a command.
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