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C# - Page 3

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Create and Retrieve a Named DataSet
by Victor Stefanescu
Use this C# function to create and retrieve a named DataSet using an open connection and a command.
How To Add New Rows to a Filtered DataView
by Navin Varma
Find out how to add a new row to a datagrid bound to a dataview with a rowfilter defined.
Use C#'s Reflection to Retrieve Application Information
by Bradley L. Jones
C#'s Reflection capability allows you to reflect a class upon itself to determine the methods or properties it contains.
Processing a Native Window Message Inside a Non-visual Class
by Vladimir Shaposhnik
This code allows you to treat a native window message inside any non-visual class in a library.
Use a Regular Expression to Initialize a String Array (C#)
by A. Russell Jones, Executive Editor
Want to declare and initialize a string array, but tired of typing all those quotes and commas? You can do it with one line of code.
41-45 of 45     Previous     Next
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