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Tip of the Day
Language: .NET
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 17, 2017

Quick and Efficient Way to Get to the Parent Control

Many times, it is tough to traverse up the control tree to reach the parent control. The best example is of a control in a template column of a grid.

The most common way would be go reverse, traversing all the parents, until you find the real one. But this isn't efficient. For example, a TextBox control in a TableRow, would use the following code to reach its Row Item.

//1st Parent is the Cell, and 2nd is the TableRow 
        DataGridItem grdPrntItem = (DataGridItem) txtBox1.Parent.Parent; 
Efficient way of doing this is like this, 
        //this would work always, no matter how deep in the control tree the actual control is. 
        DataGridItem grdPrntItem = (DataGridItem) txtBox1.Container;
Srinath M S
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