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String Manipulation Archives

Case Insensitive Comparison of Two Strings - 11/07/2017
Easily Create a String of Repeated Characters - 10/03/2017
Left, Right and Mid String Functions for C# - 03/01/2017
A Simple Password-Checking Routine - 12/16/2009
Convert a Delimited String to a Generic List<string> - 09/25/2009
Using String.split(String) vs. Using a StringTokenizer - 09/25/2009
Comparing Constant Strings with String Variables - 08/25/2009
Displaying Embedded Newline Characters from ASP.NET Resource Files - 05/18/2009
Create an XML File or XmlDocument Directly from a StringBuilder - 04/03/2009
Build a Custom Formatter for a Java.util.logging Logger - 03/17/2009
Handling Null Session and Request Variables - 03/03/2009
Use GetBetween to Parse a String Between Two Strings - 02/17/2009
Truncate a Path String - 01/20/2009
Changing the Style of a String in JavaScript - 12/16/2008
Encode and Decode URLs Using UTF-8 - 12/16/2008
Read a Tab Delimited Text File - 11/04/2008
A Function to Determine Whether a String Can Be Converted to a Number - 11/04/2008
Converting Numbers to Strings - 09/23/2008
Write a VB6 String that Contains Double Quotation Marks - 06/02/2008
Concatenating Strings - 05/27/2008
Passing Strings Between Delphi DLL and VBA - 03/31/2008
Create a Color Using "<<" and "|" Operators - 03/17/2008
Use the XSLT 2.0 Character-map Element to Replace Characters - 02/11/2008
An Improved szEncryptDecrypt VB6 Funtion  - 12/11/2007
Converting an Integer to a C++ String - 11/26/2007
Using the SecureString Class - 08/21/2007
Another Way to Escape Sequences in .NET Resource Files - 06/12/2007
Avoid Memory Corruption when Assigning a CComBSTR to a CComVariant's bstrVal Member - 04/20/2007
Workaround for the SQL DISTINCT Clause - 04/17/2007
Use String.Compare to Compare Case-insensitive Strings - 01/22/2007
Clear All Occurences of Extra White Space  - 12/27/2006
Iterate Through Characters in a String Using String.ToCharArray - 11/29/2006
Replace All Occurences of Numbers in the Input String  - 11/22/2006
Object Functions in Use - 09/19/2006
Using Multiline Strings in .NET Resource Files  - 09/19/2006
Count the Number of Cells Containing a Specified String in a Worksheet - 09/19/2006
Read the First Line of a Text File - 09/13/2006
Read and Write Strings Using String Streams - 08/21/2006
Platform-independent New Line Characters - 08/01/2006
Creating a StAX Filter for XML - 06/19/2006
Escape Sequences in .NET Resource Files - 05/03/2006
Reverse a Numeric Value Without Using String Utilities in Java - 04/12/2006
Dealing with Wildcard Characters in Oracle - 04/04/2006
Convert Descriptive Flex Fields to Numbers  - 02/08/2006
Determine How Many Times a String Is Found Inside Another String - 01/03/2006
Retrieving a Domain Name - 12/20/2005
Implementing the GetFreePhysicalMemory API in Linux - 12/20/2005
Porting Code from Windows to Linux - 11/22/2005
Constructing Strings of Repeated Characters in T-SQL - 11/15/2005
Comparing Strings Properly in Java - 11/02/2005
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