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Device Drivers

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In-memory JDBC Driver Details
by Leonard Anghel
Use the code in this tip to find out how many drivers are in memory, along with other, useful driver information.
Use Pointers to Parents
by Jeff Turner
When trying to navigate through a complex class hierarchy from any given instance of an object, it's useful to be able to reference its parent. But how do you clean up any circular references when ...
Configuring a CD-ROM
by DevX Pro
I have formatted my machine, which does not have any operating system. I used DOS 6.22 to boot the system and was planning to install Win 95. But my DOS 6.22 booted system did not recognize my CD-ROM, so I could not load Win 95 or NT. Can you help me get my CD-ROM drive working at DOS level?
Output to I/O port under NT 4.0
by DevX Pro
Please kindly advise how to output to a PC's I/O port address: &H158 using Visual C++ under NT 40. For your information, we used to use outp() using C under Windows(16bits) V3.1.
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