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Interoperability - Page 3

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EXE File with No Interface That Takes Arguments
by DevX Pro
I have two questions: 1. How do I make an EXE file without a interface (no form)? 2. How do I make that EXE file take arguments and how do I use them in the program?
Contact List in Public Folder
by DevX Pro
I'm looking to make an online contact list without creating a whole new ASP page for my company. I was thinking that I could simply put the Outlook contact list in a Public Folder. The only thing is, I am having trouble creating a Public Folder. Do you know of a simple way to accomplish this task?
Send on Behalf Of/Reply Problem
by DevX Pro
If I set up a delegate and they send a message on my behalf, the reply goes to my delegate. How can I force the reply to come to me and not my delegate?
Using Names for Java Methods that Differ from the Name the DLL Uses
by Manoj K.
You can use a name for a Java method that is different from the name the DLL uses when it exports the function. For example. you may need to conform to naming conventions prescribed by your own site. ...
ActiveX Code Not Working in IE5
by DevX Pro
Our company is developing a Web site with some ActiveX code. On Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 5 loaded, some can see that portion of code perfectly, and then others are missing the headers and other items. These are lists of data in a window, similar to a table view. Any ideas on what would cause this?
Sharing Calendars Without Exchange
by DevX Pro
How do I set up a shared calendar, or at least public access to other people's private calendar, in a network that uses Outlook 2000 and Windows NT server and workstation, but not Exchange? This used to be possible five or six years ago with Schedule+.
Works in IE But Not Netscape
by DevX Pro
Why do certain things like tables and frames work fine with Internet Explorer but not with Netscape?
Create a Collapsible Tree in IE5 Using SrcElement
by Kurt Cagle
Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer ...
Remote File Size
by DevX Pro
How can I discover the size of a remote file stored on an HTTP server?
ServerSocket Port Binding Error
by DevX Pro
My Java server compiles perfectly, but when I try to run it on my machine I get an error when it tries to open up the ServerSocket on port 2525. I have tried it on another machine and it works fine. It also worked on my own machine the first few times I tried it.
Creating a Client E-mail List
by DevX Pro
I am trying to create a client e-mail listing to go out to all our company clients. What would be the easiest way to do this?
Network Problems Setting Up Outlook for a Laptop
by DevX Pro
I have tried to set up Outlook 2000 on my laptop (it uses Windows 98) to connect via dialup to the Exchange server running on my Small Business Server setup at work. I receive the following error: "Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange server computer." Using exactly the same settings (dialup and mail) on my home desktop with Windows 2000 Professional I can get my work mail without any problems at all. Do you have any suggestions on what I might try?
Outlook Client Locks Up
by DevX Pro
We have someone using PPTP to connect to our Exchange server. He is able to use the intranet without problems. He can even get into Outlook, but the troubles start there. Outlook freezes up after it's been open or when he tries to open an attachment. What's going on?
Remote Mailbox Access Takes Too Long
by DevX Pro
I am running Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Server with Microsoft Outlook 2000 as client software. For my remote users, they are using the offline folders. Every time a user dials in to send/receive his e-mail, Outlook goes through the entire list (refresh) before retrieving the new messages. This takes very long, especially when the user's mailbox has many items. Is there a way of limiting this so that only the new messages are retrieved?
Change Pages Using the Enter Key
by DevX Pro
How do I display the next page after a user enters data into a field and presses the Enter key?
E-mail Form Contents
by DevX Pro
I need to include the information from a form in an e-mail. I found this sample code, but when I run it, I just get a blank page for the body of the e-mail. What am I doing wrong? I really don't want to have to use a CGI script.
Public Folder Synchronization
by DevX Pro
This is a fairly simple problem but I am relatively new to Exchange and Outlook. I am trying to get my folders that are on Exchange to synchronize with the folders that are offline. Specifically, I create a folder under the Public Folders tab online. I then drag and drop it to my client machine to create an offline version. I set the properties on the offline copy of the folder to be available off line. I then create a post message in both the online and offline copies. I go to the menu bar and choose Synchronize This Folder, but nothing happens. If the synchronization is bidirectional, then two mail messages should appear in each copy of the public folder. I'm probably setting up the offline folder incorrectly, but cannot figure out in what manner... Can you help?
Exert Control Over Serialization
by Behrouz Fallahi
Java gives you control over the serialization process through the java.io.Externalizable interface. The java.io.Externalizable interface extends the java.io.Serializable interface by adding two ...
Linking to a JNI Function Compiled with Visual Studio 6.0
by David M.
Suppose you are writing a Java application on the windows platform and want to make a JNI call to a C function written with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. Well, here's what you would ...
Using AVIs as Buttons
by Kurt Cagle
Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer ...
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