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Make a phone call using TAPI
by Francesco Balena
If TAPI libraries are installed on your machine, you can easily dial a number from a VB application using a single API call. Here's a function that encapsulates the call and that returns True if the dialing was successful: Private Declare Function tapiRequestMakeCall Lib "TAPI32.DLL" ...
Remote Access Via the Internet
by DevX Pro
We are a small company of some 70 staff, 50 of which are located away from the office (clients site, home, etc.). I am about to migrate from Microsoft Mail to Exchange Server 5.5. I would like to have full service (as many as possible features) from Exchange Server 5.5 via the Internet. Just what are the limitations? Am I correct in assuming that I am limited to POP3 and therefore collaboration and global address lists are off the menu? If this is the case, is it improved with Exchange 2000? (I have just ordered the RC1 kit.) I have looked at lots of Web info on 5.5 but just can't seem to find the answers on using Exchange Server via the Internet, please could some advise me.
Win2K and Outlook2K Exchange Connect via PPTP
by DevX Pro
When I try to access Exchange Outlook, it produces the following message: "The Microsoft Exchange Address Book was unable to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer. Contact your system administrator if the problem persists." I'm able to ping the Exchange server by IP address, but I never could ping the server by name. What do I do?
Network Problems Setting Up Outlook for a Laptop
by DevX Pro
I have tried to set up Outlook 2000 on my laptop (it uses Windows 98) to connect via dialup to the Exchange server running on my Small Business Server setup at work. I receive the following error: "Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange server computer." Using exactly the same settings (dialup and mail) on my home desktop with Windows 2000 Professional I can get my work mail without any problems at all. Do you have any suggestions on what I might try?
Outlook Client Locks Up
by DevX Pro
We have someone using PPTP to connect to our Exchange server. He is able to use the intranet without problems. He can even get into Outlook, but the troubles start there. Outlook freezes up after it's been open or when he tries to open an attachment. What's going on?
Remote Mailbox Access Takes Too Long
by DevX Pro
I am running Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Server with Microsoft Outlook 2000 as client software. For my remote users, they are using the offline folders. Every time a user dials in to send/receive his e-mail, Outlook goes through the entire list (refresh) before retrieving the new messages. This takes very long, especially when the user's mailbox has many items. Is there a way of limiting this so that only the new messages are retrieved?
Exchange System Attendant Error Message
by DevX Pro
I am running Exchange 5.5 with about 60 mailboxes. When I try to access the e-mail tab of a newly created mailbox I get the following error: an error occurred while processing an email address... id no. c1030b35 Problem is, there is no hidden $ dirsync.
Failure to Resolve Name Remotely
by DevX Pro
I am trying to get remote access to my e-mail account. Although I can dial in the domain successfully, when I start Outlook, I receive this error message: "Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange server computer." When I try to resolve the name in the property, I received the same error message. Why is this?
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