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Systems Administration - Page 4

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Windows 2000 Boot Disk
by DevX Pro
I have installed Windows 2000 on my laptop. I would like to create an emergency start disk akin to Windows 98. My current partition is FAT32. I created a floppy as per instructions using the backup utility. When I use the disk to boot I get NTLDR is missing. I would like to blow away my Win98 install, but am afraid to if I should need to emergeny boot. What should I do to create an emergency disk.
Specifying Dependencies
by Manoj K.
When writing Java-based services we occasionally require dependencies. That is, our services must start in a certain order. You can specify what services your code is dependent on by overriding the ...
Column-Level Permissions or Access
by DevX Pro
I have a table that contains about six million records. Each record contains some sensitive data or data that be accessible by the public. What would be the best method to allow access to the table, yet block the access to the sensitive columns (i.e., name, address, etc.)?
Win NT / Get UserGroups Permissions in VB
by DevX Pro
I would like to get the permissions for the users of my app. I have setup groups for users with the appropriate permisions. Now all I want to do is check which group they belong to, when they execute my app.
Enabling Sharing Tab
by DevX Pro
Can you please tell me how I can enable the sharing tab when sharing local drives? I'm using an NT Workstation 4.0 and when I'm logged on as an administrator, the sharing tab is present. But if I'm logged on as ordinary user, the sharing tab is NOT present. Can you please tell me how to enable this?
SQL Application Security
by DevX Pro
Is there a "best" way to design VB/ASP apps to deal with SQL (7.0) security? For example, in a WAN environment and a Web application where the app needs to set up SQL users, somebody or some ActiveX component has to have SQL Server Administrator rights. Is there any way around this? Or do you have any suggestions on where to locate information on this subject?
Changed Permission Properties
by DevX Pro
When I do a property box on a file/directory, the Security sheet changes from the normal (NT4, SP0) one to a new one. Can you explain this? (I have installed NT4, SP5 recently, although other NT4 Server boxes don't do this.)
Hide Implementation Details of Stored Procedures
by Deepak Pant
You can hide the implementation details of your stored procedures from end users of the application using WITH ENCRYPTION option. ENCRYPTION indicates that SQL Server encrypts the syscomments table ...
Special Folder Path
by DevX Pro
I want to find the path to the Startup special folder. How can this be done within a VB application?
Use Stored Procedures for Updates and Insertions
by Jai Bardhan
Coding static SQL in an Active Server Page (ASP) is perhaps the easiest way to provide dynamic data content in Web pages. However, you should try avoiding this; instead use a stored procedure ...
Use Stored Procedures in Place of Embedded SQL
by Deepak Pant
Stored procedures offer many advantages over dynamic SQL, including improved performance and scalability. The SQL code in a stored procedure is parsed and normalized when you create it. Stored ...
Log Onto SQL Server Using Windows NT Authentication
by Deepak Pant
Here is a simple function you can use to connect to SQL Server. This function attempts to connect to the server either using the default SQL Server authentication or Windows NT authentication. If ...
Changing NT 4.0 File Ownership
by DevX Pro
Is there any way to change the ownership of files and directories with scripts or programs?
Remotely Shutting Down NT Using VB
by DevX Pro
I am writing an application that needs to be able to shut down any NT workstation or server remotely. Do you have any ideas on how to do this with Visual Basic 5 or 6? I just downloaded a shareware program that includes one executable that can do just this, so I know it is possible.
GetUNCName - Convert a file path to a UNC path
by Marco Losavio
Converts a reference to a file in the standard Windows format (e.g. "H:\ServerDir\Filename.ext") in the corresponding UNC format (e.g. "\\ServerName\ExportedDir\ServerDir\FileName.txt") It turns to be very useful when a program running on a workstation has to pass a file reference to ...
Automatically Execute Stored Procedures When Starting SQL Server
by KulBhushan Sharma
Use sp_procoption to execute a stored procedure automatically at the time of starting SQL server. The stored procedure that needs to be executed should be created in the master database and owned ...
Passing Named Arguments to Java Programs
by Rakesh Goenka
Here's an example of a better way to pass arguments to main() methods of Java classes than using String[] args. First, pass two named parameters, user and level, that come into a GamePlayer ...
Return the Program Name for the Current Session in SQL Server
by Jai Bardhan
SQL Server 6.5 has an APP_NAME() function which returns the program name for the current session. This function is useful for tracking which client applications are running processes in SQL Server or ...
Lock the Back Door Too
by Joseph Lax
An extended stored procedure called xp_cmdshell causes SQL Server to spawn a command shell and execute the command given as a parameter. For example, xp_cmdshell 'dir c:\mssql\backup' would return a ...
Add Share for a special User group in VB
by DevX Pro
How can I add a Share in Visual Basic to a Local or Remote Machine with permission only for a special User group?
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