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Avoid ADO Errors by Including ADOVBS.INC
by Ken Cox
The IntelliSense feature of Visual InterDev is very handy, but it may induce you to add bugs to your code. For example, when you are using a recordset object's Open method, IntelliSense prompts ...
Executing an ASP page from a VB App
by DevX Pro
I have an ASP file residing on a Web server. Is there any way that I can execute this file from within my VB application? This should be similar to a background execution with the VB user not knowing about it.
Loading Resources With the getResource() Method
by Brett Spell
Most nontrivial applications are packaged with "resource files," which are nothing more than files used by the application for various purposes. Some examples of these resources include image (GIF, ...
Applet Filename Change Problem
by DevX Pro
I have a Java applet I got off the Internet that I want to use on my server. I have tested it on my computer and it works fine, but my server only allows three-letter extensions, so when I load the files onto the server, it doesn't recognize the applet file.
Opening an applet socket to the originating server
by DevX Pro
I have a server application that I want an applet client to connect with. How can the applet determine the address of the originating server without having to hard-code the address in the applet? Also, how can the server application get the address of the connecting applet?
What to Tell Browsers that Don't Support Java
by Martin Kelly
If you're not careful about how you include Java applets in your Web pages, people who use browsers that don't support Java (or who have deliberately switched off Java support) will see nothing where ...
Applets, URLs, and frames
by DevX Pro
I want my Web page to have three frames: one for my applet and the other two for information. How can I make it so my applet updates both frames?
Browser Detection from Applet
by Daniel Savarese
The Java core API includes a class called java.lang.System from which system dependent operations can be performed. One of the methods of the System class is getProperty(String) which will return a ...
Which Browser is Running Me?
by Tom Yarker
While Java's ability to run on numerous computer platforms makes a developer's task easier, it is sometimes necessary to customize code to match the abilities of the environment. A good example is ...
Displaying a Help File from an Applet
by Tom Yarker
With an Applet running under the control of an HTML browser, it's natural to provide Help in the form of an HTML file too, or a set of them for a complex task. If your Applet's interface is displayed ...
Garbage Collection
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to preserve an object from garbage collection (to live as long as the applet)?
Multithreading Applets—the Right Way
by Paul Tyma
The canonical design of multithreaded applets is inherently flawed. You know what I'm talking about: the run method with the repaint/sleep statements embedded in a while(true). Any self-respecting ...
What are we Looking at?
by Michiel de
To present your applet in a visually pleasing way, it's often handy to know the size of the screen that's available for output. Fortunately, a built-in AWT function makes determining this pretty ...
Applet caching.
by DevX Pro
I have been trying to test my applets under IE4. It seems to me that IE4 must keep applets cached becaused I think it keeps running my original applet. Is there a way to get IE4 to run the changed applet?
Text area & cursor control
by DevX Pro
Hi, I am looking for a way of displaying a textarea box and then being able to tell what text the user has highlighted (with mouse) and then replacing the text? Can this even be done with a applet?
by DevX Pro
I am considering using WebTV as a platform to deliver our on-line training courses. Is ActiveX compatible?
Talking To Your Applets
by Michiel de
To allow your applets to operate in different environments, it's quite handy to be able to pass certain parameters to them at runtime. When embedding an applet in a HTML page, you can use the ...
Where Am I?
by Michiel de
When your applet is executing in a browser environment, it might be handy to know what the current URL in the browser is. Although Java is not really great at communicating with its host environment, ...
Where's My Package?
by Michiel de
Regardless of the Java VM you're using, from time to time you'll encounter a client that is unable to run your applet because of an "undefined package" error, even though the package involved is part ...
Using AutoTab with a Set MaxLength
by Karl E.
To add AutoTab to text boxes that have a set MaxLength, add this ...
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