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Java APIs - Page 2

Enterprise JavaBeans
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Extract JAR and ZIP Entries with JarURLConnection
by Leonard Anghel
This tip includes code you can use to extract JAR and ZIP Entries with JarURLConnection.
A List of JDBC Drivers
by Elayaraja David
If you need to access a database with Java, you need a driver. This is a list of the drivers available, what database they can access, who makes it, and how to contact them.
Use the Robot Class for Automatic Keyboard and Mouse Control
by Kameswari Sreedharan
The code uses the Robot class to give you automatic keyboard and mouse control.
Use the "Service Locator" Design Pattern with the J2EE Architechture
by Mouli Chandra
This tip is an extension of a Design Pattern called "Service Locator" for the J2EE architecture. Generally, the "Service Locator" pattern returns a home object by merely accepting a string, usually a mapping for a JNDI name.
Use java.util.Observable to Monitor Object State changes
by Amit Tuli
Use the class java.util.Observable to monitor Java objects for any change in their states.
Closing JDBC Objects Explicitly Can Save You Headaches!
by Keith Naas
If you're closint database connections directly—without closing the ResultSet or Statement, you've been causing yourself unnecessary trouble.
Improve Performance by Re-using EJB Homes and DataSources
by Gautham Muthuravichandran
Obtaining EJB homes and DataSources from an application server requires the allocation of expensive resources. Free up these resources by caching and reusing EJB Home objects and the DataSource objects.
Convert Your Data to Decimal/Integer Value
by Sridhar MS
Converting input data into decimal/integer format can be tedious, but this tip tells you how to use the Java API to improve the process.
by M.Fahim Zahid
Write a Primary Key Class in CMP EJB
by Elayaraja David
Insert an Image into a Database Using JDBC
by Elayaraja David
How to Use SavePoint in JDBC
by Elayaraja David
Extend Swing's JTable to Support Rendering of Different Cell Types in a Column
by Lara D'Abreo
Deprecate Old APIs
by Ruchi Dhar
Debugging Variables Made Easy
by Mark Buckley
At one time or another, all ASP progrmmers have used RESPONSE.WRITE to write out a variable on the screen, ensuring that the variable is passing correctly or has the correct value. Then, when the ...
Generate a Script-name Independent HTML Form
by Hitesh Dave
This tip is useful for large, server-side scripts containing lots of functions/procedures that generate HTML forms. ...
How to Unhook Subclassing when Windows is Ready
by Simon Bryan
Check if a Given String Is a Palindrome
by Nico Montenegro
This code checks if a given string is a palindrome. ...
Testing New Operations For Null
by Navneet Gupta
Beginning Java programmers sometimes test the results of a ...
List That Requires Items of the Same Class
by Rod Gammon
The benefits here are that the class can be set at runtime. You don't need to write a new list for every Class that needs listing.
21-40 of 441     Previous     Next
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