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Java Servlets

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Unzipping an Archive from a Servlet
by Leonard Anghel
This tip shows you how to unzip an archive from a Java servlet.
Inject an EJB 3.0 into the init() Method of a Servlet
by Leonard Anghel
This tip shows you how to inject an EJB 3.0 into the init() method of a servlet.
Run Tomcat with a Security Manager
by Leonard Anghel
Find out how to run Tomcat with a Security Manager.
Automatically Invoke a JSP Page from Within a URL
by MS Sridhar
Find out how to use web.xml to invoke a .jsp page from within a URL automatically.
Initializing Application Attributes During Context Initialization
by MS Sridhar
The approach outlined in this tip eliminates the process of retrieving a value from the datastore (or permanent storage location) everytime such an application attribute initialization is required.
Storing Request-specific Data Without Using ServletRequest
by Anton Spaans
Find out how you can work around storing request-specific attributes when you don't have access to the current request's ServletRequest instance.
Share Information with Other Web Resources Using ServletContext
by Amit Tuli
Find out how to use ServletContext to store information and share it with any other resource within your application.
Two Ways to Chain Servlets
by Amit Tuli
Servlet chaining delegates the responsibility of generating a response to the next servlet in the chain. Learn two ways to do this, depending on your situation.
Update an HTML Form Using an XML ActiveX Object and a Servlet
by Farukh Ijaz
This tip shows you how to update an HTML form without using "Refresh"—you use an XML ActiveX object and a servlet.
Read an Image from a Database and Show it in a Browser
by David Elayaraja
This script reads the image from the databse and uses JDBC and stream to write it into a browser.
Perform a Strict Date Validity Check
by Madan S.
If you use dates in your program frequently and you want them to be in a particular format, you don
Trim the Contents of the Text Box
by Narender Saraswati
This tip will trim the contents in the input box of an HTML page using java script. Call the Trim function by sending the Textbox element as the parameter. ...
Pass Information from a Servlet to a JSP
by Mauricio Del
You can use this kind of bean to pass information from a servlet to a JSP page through a session variable. For ...
How to Read Client-Side Cookies From a Servlet
by Sandeep Gain
Reading cookies from a servlet is easy. You can gain access to any cookies sent by the browser from the javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest passed to the servlet's doGet, doPost, etc methods. ...
How to Access Cookies Set at the Client Side
by Nitin Garg
Class javax.servlet.http.cookies can be used to access cookies on the client side. The following code demonstrates this technique. The code also checks for the cookie names in order to access the ...
Mutual Exclusion in Servlets
by Asif Raj
While writing portals using servlets, it is possible for two users to enter the same login name and press request at exactly the same time. It
Middle Tier Code Optimization With Java Reflection Package
by Khurram Zaheer
In Web based programming, we usually check querystring parameters in middle tier java objects and do tedious, if not long, checks via if/else, to perform appropriate action or instantiate classes.
How to Pass Values Using the 'GET' and 'POST' Methods Simultaneously
by Krishnan V
In almost all Web based applications, parameters received from a previous form as a query string will have to be passed to the next form as the same. However, the form might be receiving some ...
Calling a Servlet From a JSP and Vice-Versa
by Irfan Ahmed
Servlets and JSPs are the defacto method of server side computing today. Servlets form the logic of the application code and formatting for output is done with the help of JSPs (Java Server ...
Creating a
by Rick Codrington
If you
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