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Java Servlets - Page 2

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Updating HTTP Headers
by DevX Pro
In the first servlet we set the value for HTTP header as below: response.setHeader("SessionKey","SessionValue"); In the next servlet we tried retrieving the above set header value as: request.getHeader("SessionKey"); We are getting null as output of getHeader. How can we get the HTTP header set in first servlet, in second servlet?
Tracking Session Information When Cookie Is Disabled
by Krishnan VR
What is the simplest way to keep track of session information if the cookie is disabled in the client? Even though we have other alternative solutions like passing the session ID in the query ...
How to Speed Up Data Transfer Between Servlet and Applet
by Mahesh Chulet
We can speed up the data transfer between servlet and applet in a Web ...
Servlet Resources
by DevX Pro
Where is the best place to store .property files and .xml files for servlets/jsp? Right now I am using "user.home", but there is a problem when you have multiple web application because you may store only one set of files.
Servlet Variables
by DevX Pro
If I declare one variable in a servlet class, and if I create many instances of that servlet, what will be the status of that variable?
Storing InitialContext in Servlet Sessions
by DevX Pro
Suppose a client of a Web application logs in using a login-handler servlet, and then some back-end operations using EJBs need to be performed. Can I store the initial context that I create and/or the home interface itself?
Servlet State
by DevX Pro
I'm developing some applications with servlets. I've been declaring static variables to preserve state, but when two instances of the servlet run at the same time, the second instance overwrites the values of the first instance. What can I do?
EJBs and Servlets
by DevX Pro
Both Enterprise JavaBeans and Servlets are server side components. What are the major differences between them? Specifically, what is the difference between a Session Bean and a Servlet?
Close ResultSet Object Explicitly Before Closing Connection when Using Servlets
by C.V. Ram
Most Java programmers close a connection with database directly without closing the ResultSet. This is okay with standalone Java programs, where the Java compiler automatically closes the Resultset ...
Pushing an Applet from a Servlet
by Amit Jain
When trying to use an applet inside a servlet using the applet ...
Keep HTML Totally Separate From Java Code
by Nilesh Shah
I have been working on Java Servlets and HTML for quite a long time and have always had a problem keeping HTML code separate from Java code, but now I've found an answer.
GET and POST Requests
by DevX Pro
How does a servlet handle GET and POST requests?
Hit Counter Servlet
by Behrouz Fallahi
Sometimes, it is extremely useful to know the number of times a Web page is hit. This is especially so if a web site depends on usage statistics in order to determine peak access times. It is fairly ...
Servlets vs. Applets
by DevX Pro
We currently use applets to allow users to access a database, but are looking for ways to improve performance. Is a servlet-based solution faster than an applet-based solution?
Compressed Output From Servlet
by Dmitry Namiot
The Java servlet below demonstrates how to use compressed output ...
Servlets vs JSP
by DevX Pro
What is the difference between servlets and Java Server Pages? Which is preferred?
Servlet Attributes and Parameters
by DevX Pro
When a request message is processed through the HttpServlet doGet method, who sets the parameters and attributes for the HttpServletRequest argument? And what is the difference between an attribute and a parameter?
Simple HTML Display
by DevX Pro
How can I have my servlet display an HTML file, located on the server, on the client's browser?
Servlets are a Viable Alternative to CGI
by Ajit Sagar
Servlets provide a more effective mechanism of achieving the functionality offered by CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts. CGI was one of the first techniques for creating dynamic Web pages by ...
What are Servlets?
by Ajit Sagar
All Java programmers probably know what Java applets are and how they differ from Java applications. After all applets were Java's gateway into the Internet. Servlets are Java's entry into the server ...
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