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Object Serialization - Page 2

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Interplatform Networking
by DevX Pro
I want to connect a Java client program to a C/C++ server application using sockets. What is the easiest way of doing this?
Range of Ports Available to ServerSockets
by Behrouz Fallahi
The java.net.ServerSocket class implements a server socket. A server socket waits for requests to come in over the network. It performs some operation based on that request, and then possibly returns ...
by DevX Pro
When I use InetAdress.getAllByName(String host) on my workstation, I get two IP addresses. One is for the LAN connection and the other is for the dialup connection. I need to get the dial up connection's IP address because the LAN's IP address is only known by the local network. Is there a way to determine which IP is which? Are they ordered or something?
Handling Complex Initialization
by Manoj K.
Complex initializations need only be done once and the result stored for later use. For example if you need to create a list of integer values and then load them, you can create a class that stores ...
Remote File Size
by DevX Pro
How can I discover the size of a remote file stored on an HTTP server?
ServerSocket Port Binding Error
by DevX Pro
My Java server compiles perfectly, but when I try to run it on my machine I get an error when it tries to open up the ServerSocket on port 2525. I have tried it on another machine and it works fine. It also worked on my own machine the first few times I tried it.
Query Objects for Initialization State
by Gregory Gadow
In a large app, or even a small one, you can use Property Let and Property Get to make sure necessary variables and subsystems are initialized. This code is from a large ADSI-based program in ...
ADO and Large Tables
by DevX Pro
I have several MS Access97 database tables that are larger than 120 MB. When I use ADO to open the entire table it seems to try to load the table into memory, this crashes the machine it is running on. Is there anyway to limit the amount of memory used by ADO?
Exert Control Over Serialization
by Behrouz Fallahi
Java gives you control over the serialization process through the java.io.Externalizable interface. The java.io.Externalizable interface extends the java.io.Serializable interface by adding two ...
Creating Visual Basic DLLs
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to create DLLs in Visual Basic? If so, how? For example, I want a DLL with a function that can accept 2 integer arguments and returns a boolean value afterwards. How can I call this DLL from another project during runtime. That is, I want the DLL separate from the actual project so if I decide to change the DLL file, I don't have to recompile the original project. Is this possible with VB? I'm using VB5 right now.
Be Careful With Transient Data
by Behrouz Fallahi
Java's serialization provides an elegant, and easy to use mechanism for making an object's state persistent. While controlling object serialization, we might have a particular object data member that ...
Create Close-All Add-In
by Rick Lalliss
I often open up many windows in a VB project when I
Buffered Object Streams and Sockets
by DevX Pro
How can I use buffered I/O Object streams over a socket and guarantee transmission even when the packet object is smaller than the buffer size? I want the efficiency benefits of buffered streams when sending large packets, but I need to force small packets through immediately.
To RMI or Not to RMI
by DevX Pro
We are now developing a Java-based remote monitoring system application for our SCSI RAID subsystem products. This application can enable our customers to monitor the status, and change the configuration, of the SCSI RAID device being monitored. We are using C++ for the SCSI programming part and we are using JNI to interface with the rest of the server side of our application. Should we use RMI for the networking needs of the client and the server, or should we just use simple socket-based networking?
Object Creation in VB
by DevX Pro
I've read about what happens behind the scenes when VB creates an instance of a COM object. But, what exactly does happen when VB creates an instance of a class that I defined? Is it any different? What about instances of a 'VB defined' class (e.g. a Collection)? And when exactly is the Class_Initialize event fired?
Objects And Classes
by DevX Pro
I need to compare two object instances of the same class. But I need to compare the contents and not the references (ie: "obj1 is obj2" - will not do). Would using CopyMemory work?
Unexpected Socket Close
by DevX Pro
How do you determine when a client has closed its socket, so that a server can cease to wait for messages from that client?
Incorrect IP Lookup
by DevX Pro
I have an application which uses dialup networking. If I connect after starting my application, InetAddress.getLocalHost() always returns Even if I connect before starting up, then disconnect and reconnect, the IP address I was assigned on the first connection by PPP is returned and not the new one. Why is this happening?
Improve the Speed and Catch Syntax Errors in OLE Automation Code at Compile Time
by Jai Bardhan
Depending on what the code is doing, early binding may significantly improve the speed of the code. Also, syntax errors in OLE Automation code, which otherwise fail at run time, gets caught at ...
Using Efficient Remote Interface Design
by Jai Bardhan
Because server/client round-trips are inherently inefficient, you should try to eliminate the need for excessive round-trips. When you design a class or a user-defined interface, you should never ...
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