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Object Serialization - Page 4

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Add a Hyperlink Listener in Java
by Rajasekaran Vinoth
To add a hyperlink listener in Java, add it to the JEditorPane and set its contents. A lot of errors may be thrown, but this is how the hyperlink listener must be added.
Prevent Fields From Being Serialized
by Brett Spell
Objects are made serializable by implementing the java.io.Serializable interface. In general, when you serialize an object instance, all of the instance's fields are considered to be part of its ...
Overriding Default Object Serialization
by Brett Spell
Normally, all that is required to perform serialization of an object is to implement the java.io.Serializable interface. However, in some cases, you may wish to control how an object is serialized ...
Subclass Grid Controls
by Jose Mojica
Sometimes a class needs to communicate with the object that created it. For example, I use a class to subclass grid controls so I can handle things such as tabbing between columns and unbound ...
Dictionary Has Advantages Over Collections
by Deborah Kurata
The Dictionary object can contain items, which can be any form of data, just like a collection. However, the Dictionary object has many advantages over a collection. It allows retrieval of the key ...
Network Authentication
by DevX Pro
The new java.net.Authenticator class in JDK 1.2 seems to be the answer to generalized user-authentication. Why do getPasswordAuthentication and requestPasswordAuthentication both return PasswordAuthentication, but requestPasswordAuthentication requires a security check?
Registering DLL Files
by DevX Pro
When I try to register a DLL I created in VB6, I get the message that tells me the DLL is not a valid windows NT image. At the run command I enter: regsvr32 C:\app.vbp Isn't this the proper way to register a DLL?
Stream Unique Identifiers
by Brett Spell
While attempting to deserialize (or unmarshal) a serialized object instance, you may generate an exception with a message similar ...
Read the Serial Number of a Disk
by Francesco Balena
The new Microsoft Scripting Runtime library includes a FileSystemObject hierarchy containing several objects that let you obtain information about your drives, folders, and files. For example, you ...
Reading Files with FTP
by DevX Pro
I want to create an applcation that reads a file from a host on my LAN. The file must be read by FTP. How do I do this?
UDP Clients
by DevX Pro
I would like to create an application in Java that communicates with a UDP connection. How do you specify the connection as UDP rather than TCP?
Serialize Image Instances
by Brett Spell
The java.awt.Image class does not implement the java.io.Serializable interface. As a result, attempts to serialize or "marshal" instances of the class will fail. For example, they cannot be passed as ...
Delegate Generic Event Handling
by Badari Syam
Lingering on Sockets
by Ajit Sagar
Java's Socket class gives you control over how a socket handles queued data when it closes. This linger-on-close option allows you to dictate whether you want the socket to send out queued data to ...
Where is That Serialized Hashed Key?
by Ajit Sagar
When serializing a Hashtable in Java, make sure that the keys used to store objects are either primitives, or the key class' hashCode() method overrides the superclass Object's hashCode() method. ...
Serializing and Deserializing Objects
by Ajit Sagar
The serialization mechanism in Java provides the means for persisting objects beyond a single run of a Java program. To serialize an object, make sure that the declaring class implements the java.io.
Timeouts on Socket Creation
by DevX Pro
I am trying to open multiple sockets at differing IP addresses. Is there a way to make it so that the open socket call will wait for only two seconds?
Quick Class Tests
by Trey Moore
When testing properties and methods of an object that you're writing, you don't have to run a test project or form to test it. Instead, open the Immediate window and begin typing and executing ...
Socket Buffer Size
by DevX Pro
How do I set the socket input and output buffer sizes in Java?
Converting IP Address Formats
by DevX Pro
Is there a Java equivalent class or method for the Unix Internet address manipulation routines like inet_ntoa()?
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