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Threading - Page 4

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Difference between yield() and sleep()
by DevX Pro
What is the difference between calling yield() and sleep()? Also, in what instances would you call either method?
How to Keep Track of Number of Threads or Connections
by DevX Pro
I have a server application listening for client applets to connect. The server spawns a new thread each time a connection to a client is established. I want to keep track, i.e. count the number of clients connected and output it to a textfield in a frame. I am not sure how Java handles shared data among threads so my question is: How does one keep track of the number of threads or connections? I want the number of threads to be displayed in a single frame; I tried something, but a new window is created each time a new thread is spawned.
How to Prevent Simultaneous Access
by DevX Pro
How do you lock a file in Java to prevent simultaneous multiple accesses?
Passing Data Between Two Threads
by DevX Pro
I am new to Java and am currently trying to associate idioms and techniques from other languages/environments with like capabilities in Java. Specifically, I am trying to determine how to perform inter-thread and inter-process communication. How does one pass data, in the form of an Object or Object reference, between two threads?
What is the Thread.interrupt()method's purpose?
by DevX Pro
What is the purpose of the Thread.interrupt() method? I expect that if I call the interrupt() method of a sleeping thread, an InterruptedException will be thrown. Here is a quick code sample showing my thoughts (please forgive the formatting):*/ class Timer extends Thread { public void run() { for(int i = 0; i I expect that when s.foo() is called, I will see output resembling Interrupted! What am I missing?
Why Does Spawned Thread Work on PC and not Sun?
by DevX Pro
This may be too vague, but: I spawn a thread (after a button click) which brings up a new window. This works great on my PC running Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer, but it doesn't work on a Sun (Netscape 3.0). I've also tried it on another PC running Internet Explorer and it didn't work there, either. Any clues?
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