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Get the Current DataTime in Your Palm Application
by Shiv Gupta
It is a common feature in an application to require the current date time to be displayed in a text field or something similar.
How to Make Multi-segment Applications in Palm OS
by Shiv Kumar
In Palm OS, the memory chunk size is 64K. This means that a single segment like a code segment cannot be greater then 64K. To make applications larger than this, you have to split the ...
Detecting Memory Leaks in Palm OS
by Shiv Kumar
Memory is precious in Palm OS, so you can't afford any memory leaks in programs. Therefore, it's very essential to detect any memory leaks. To do this put breakpoints in the program where you ...
Dynamically Creating Controls in Palm OS
by Shiv Kumar
Creating controls in Palm OS is very useful. It gives vital power to the programmer in creating applications. There are various controls in Palm OS like buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, ...
Avoid Heap Fragmentation in Palm OS
by Shiv Kumar
Memory is precious in Palm OS, since the total amount of memory available is very small. Dynamic memory allocation is often necessary while building applications in which memory at runtime is ...
Palm POSE Not Opening
by DevX Pro
Why do I get the error message "Could not create a new session because the file wasn't found" when I try to start a new emulator session?
by DevX Pro
Microsoft currently has a VB5 extension to allow programming of the WinCE handheld PCs, but not for the Palm PCs. Is Microsoft planning a version of WinCE VB for programming the Palm PC?
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