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Windows CE
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WinCE / SystemTray
by DevX Pro
My question involves SystemTray controls for WinCE 2.0. I am familiar with the ActiveX controls that can use the SystemTray in Win95. However, I am not sure how to do it in WinCE. Can you help?
by DevX Pro
Microsoft currently has a VB5 extension to allow programming of the WinCE handheld PCs, but not for the Palm PCs. Is Microsoft planning a version of WinCE VB for programming the Palm PC?
Delphi Development for Windows CE
by DevX Pro
Can I use Delphi to create apps, including DB apps, for Windows CE?
Audio support on Windows CE?
by DevX Pro
I know that the multimedia API is limited in the Windows CE environment, but is there any other way to control the audio device? What I want is to record audio files and then play them back.
CE2 accessibility options
by DevX Pro
This might not be right on topic, but I'm hoping to receive an answer by e-mail. My daughter, eight, has cerebral palsy and can use only her left hand. She is learning to type using a left hand Dvorak keyboard layout (I just reconfigure Win95 and have switched her keyboard caps correspondingly). I am considering a palmtop running CE2 for her to use in school. Do you know whether CE2 can be configured to use a left-hand Dvorak keyboard layout? Thank you very much for your help.
WinCE / Access97
by DevX Pro
Can you design an Access97 application to run on a Windows CE machine? Has this been done? By whom? And finally, do you need to create a runtime version of an Access97 app to run successfully on Windows CE? Is there a standard PS/2 keyboard port in the back of the CE unit that will allow you to hook up a scan gun (using a PS/2 adapter)?
Advantages of WinCE
by DevX Pro
What advantages does WinCE have over other handheld palmtop operating systems such as the Newton and others?
Compilers for Windows CE
by DevX Pro
I'm developing a project that will use H/PCs. But which compilers are available for Windows CE?
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