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VB.NET - Page 2

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Determine Whether a String is a base64encoded
by Keyur Kalaria
This function checks to see whether a string is a base64encoded. It returns TRUE if the string is a base64encoded. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.
Synchronize Color Changes Between Controls in a Windows Form
by Juli Jorgensen
Learn how to bind Windows Forms controls to each other can reduce the code and logic needed to synchronize color changes between controls in a Windows Form.
Using Multiple Breakpoints on a Single Code Line
by Boris Eligulashvili
With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, you can now set multiple breakpoints on a single line
How to Set Topmost Forms
by Patrick Marshall
This tip explains how to use Topmost forms and shares some workarounds for some of their usage problems.
Code for Setting Windows Desktop Wallpaper in VB 2005
by Jay Roxe
This code sets the Windows desktop wallpaper to an arbitrary image on the user's local drive. It illustrates use of VB2005 "My" classes, in this case to find the location of the user's My Pictures directory without a lot of coding.
Accept Multiple Arrays as Parameters
by Leng Dieb
This routine accepts multiple arrays as parameters.
Pass a Multi-dimensional Array to a Routine
by Leng Dieb
This code snippet demonstrates how to pass a multi-dimensional array to a routine in .NET.
Suffering from Spam?
by Dan Appleman
Use this VB.NET utility to scan your Web page and extract most email addresses.
Determine Whether a Combobox Is Being Loaded
by David Acree
Use the ComboBox Created Property to determine if a combobox is being loaded or not.
Close and Save All Except Your Current Window
by Sivaraj Padmaraj
Automate the tedious task of closing and saving multiple windows with this code.
Save a Round Trip to the Database
by David Acree
This tip uses a combobox to retrieve row data.
Enhance the Appearance of Your Web DataGrid
by David Nguyen
This tip descrobes how to alternate the background color of the rows in your Web DataGrid.
Prevent Multiple Instances of a .NET Windows Application
by Raj Chidipudi
Funk Up Your Forms with Fading
Funk Up Your Forms with Fading
GetAllMembers - Retrieving a hashtable containing all the members in a type
by Francesco Balena
Return a case-insensitive hashtable containing all the members in a type Note: requires Imports System.Reflection Example: Dim ht As Hashtable = GetAllMembers(GetType(String), False) For Each key As Object In ht.Keys Dim member As MemberInfo = DirectCast(ht(key), MemberInfo) Debug.
GetCurrentMethodName - Retrieving the name of the current method
by Marco Bellinaso
Return the name of the method that calls this function. The function is useful for logging purposes, for example. Example: Private Sub Button4_Click(...) Handles Button4.Click MessageBox.Show(GetCurrentMethodName()) ' => Button4_Click End Sub
GetRandomColor - Generating a random color
by Marco Bellinaso
Return a random color Example: Me.BackColor = GetRandomColor()
GetSelectedRadioButtonValue - Retrieving the value of the selected RadioButton
by Marco Bellinaso
Return the Tag value of the selected RadioButton from the input array of controls. This is useful when you have many radio buttons, with a value associated to each one, and want to select the value of the checked option. Instead of writing something like this: If RadioButton1.Checked Then
The SystemInformation Class
by Marco Bellinaso
System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation is a little known class that exposes a number of static properties that return information about many system settings, such as: Icon and cursor size (IconSize and CursorSize properties) Height of the menu bar (MenuHeight)
Splitting a string into substrings when the separator is not a single char
by Marco Bellinaso
The String type has an instance method, Split, that splits the instance string into an array of substrings. The problem with this method is that it can only use single characters as a separator, not a string. What if you separator is "{tab}---{tab}" or something else? It turns out that also the ...
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