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SQL Server - Page 3

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Locate the Installed Version of MS SQL Server
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Use this query to determine what version, Service Packs, and editions of MS SQL Server are installed on a given machine.
Use the Connection String and SQL Profiler to Identify Your Application
by Akash Aggarwal
The ApplicationName property can be very useful when there are multiple applications running on a server and you need to track which application is issuing bad SQL.
Return Numeric Data with a Thousands Separator in SQL Server
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
This tip shows a simple conversion that uses the style argument of the CONVERT function to insert commas every three digits.
Format a Textbox String to the Correct Currency
by Bart Thieme
This tip shows you how to format a textbox string to the correct currency in SQL Server, independent of regional settings or the user input decimal symbol.
Register the Same SQL Server More than Once in Enterprise Manager
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Learn how to use the Client Network Utility to create an alias for your server.
Generate HTML Reports from Scheduled SQL Server Maintenance Activities
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Learn how to use the SQLMAINT application to automatically generate a user-friendly, Web-based report of uitlity activities.
Generating a Sequence of Numbers in SQL Server
by Raj Chidipudi
This tip shows you how to fill the dropdown lists on a Web page, Combo box, or List box in a Windows application.
Getting the Week Start Date and Week End Date in SQL
by Raj Chidipudi
Suppose you're given a date and asked to retrieve data for the whole week in which the given date falls. The example code in this tip produces the Week Start Date and Week End Date.
List All the Tables with a Foreign Key Constraint
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Use this code in Query Analyzer to list all tables with foreign key constraints.
Create and Retrieve a Named DataSet
by Victor Stefanescu
Use this C# function to create and retrieve a named DataSet using an open connection and a command.
Registering a MSDE SP3 instance into a group in Enterprise Manager
by Ian Northwood
I installed MSDE SP3 as per MS's directions. However, running Enterprise Manager and trying to register the SQL Server instance into a group (this is on the same box that MSDE was installed, BTW) resulted in the old "Server does not exist or access denied" error. This occured whether I used SQL ...
Compare Oracle and SQL Server Dates
by Andy Clark
A Simple Way to Debug a Stored Procedure
by Alex Grinberg
Running a DTS Package Through TSQL with a COM Concept
by K.Nageswara Rao
ExecuteSqlScriptsWithOsql - Executing an array of script files with the OSQL utility
by Marco Bellinaso
Execute an array of sql script files with batch statements, by using the OSQL utility - dbName is the name of the destination database - isWinAuth, login and pwd specify whether to use the integrated Windows authentication, or the SQL Server's login-password otherwise Example: Dim script1 ...
GetOsqlPath - Get the path of the SQL Server's OSQL.exe utility
by Marco Bellinaso
Get the path of the SQL Server's OSQL.exe utility
Execute a SQL Server DTS Package Remotely
by Steve Simon
Moving Transaction Logs to a Different Drive
by Devington B.
Sending Email Through a Stored Procedure in SQL Server 2000
by Somaiah Manukonda
Use the CASE Statement in a SQL SELECT Clause
by Jason Rein
41-60 of 730     Previous     Next
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