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Special Folder Path
by DevX Pro
I want to find the path to the Startup special folder. How can this be done within a VB application?
Use Stored Procedures for Updates and Insertions
by Jai Bardhan
Coding static SQL in an Active Server Page (ASP) is perhaps the easiest way to provide dynamic data content in Web pages. However, you should try avoiding this; instead use a stored procedure ...
Use Stored Procedures in Place of Embedded SQL
by Deepak Pant
Stored procedures offer many advantages over dynamic SQL, including improved performance and scalability. The SQL code in a stored procedure is parsed and normalized when you create it. Stored ...
Log Onto SQL Server Using Windows NT Authentication
by Deepak Pant
Here is a simple function you can use to connect to SQL Server. This function attempts to connect to the server either using the default SQL Server authentication or Windows NT authentication. If ...
Changing NT 4.0 File Ownership
by DevX Pro
Is there any way to change the ownership of files and directories with scripts or programs?
Remotely Shutting Down NT Using VB
by DevX Pro
I am writing an application that needs to be able to shut down any NT workstation or server remotely. Do you have any ideas on how to do this with Visual Basic 5 or 6? I just downloaded a shareware program that includes one executable that can do just this, so I know it is possible.
Automatically Execute Stored Procedures When Starting SQL Server
by KulBhushan Sharma
Use sp_procoption to execute a stored procedure automatically at the time of starting SQL server. The stored procedure that needs to be executed should be created in the master database and owned ...
Return the Program Name for the Current Session in SQL Server
by Jai Bardhan
SQL Server 6.5 has an APP_NAME() function which returns the program name for the current session. This function is useful for tracking which client applications are running processes in SQL Server or ...
Lock the Back Door Too
by Joseph Lax
An extended stored procedure called xp_cmdshell causes SQL Server to spawn a command shell and execute the command given as a parameter. For example, xp_cmdshell 'dir c:\mssql\backup' would return a ...
Create Application Roles in SQL Server 7
by Joseph Lax
Developers commonly want to ensure that a user accesses only the data through their application. After all, not every person should be let near a server with Microsoft Access. However, if a user has ...
Keep Good Habits to Avoid Fatal Errors to Your Database
by Joseph Lax
As a database administrator, you will unfortunately be called upon to respond at times when you are not at your best. It is exactly at those times that you need good habits to protect you. One of my ...
Using Roles Properly
by Joseph Lax
SQL Server 7 has taken great strides in improving its security model. Groups have been done away with and replaced by roles. The practical difference lies in the fact that a user can be a member of ...
Plug the Security Holes
by Joseph Lax
We all know to keep the sa password secret and to share it with as few people as necessary. However, users see no problem with registering their server in Enterprise Manager with the sa id. This ...
Caution: Service Pack has Arrived
by Joseph Lax
No product is perfect when it heads out the door. Sooner or later a service pack will be released. When using SQL Server, you should always be on the lookout for a new service pack--not just for SQL ...
Choose the Right Hardware for Your Server
by Joseph Lax
Choosing the right hardware for your server can be a confusing task, especially given the frequency with which Intel and other manufacturers roll out new products. New CPUs, memory chips, and hard ...
Active Partitions Under NT with VB6
by DevX Pro
I have to tell you, you solved a problem for me (rebooting NT from VB), which I've been trying to figure out for months. Much thanks. Now I can move on to the next part of the program, which I don't know how to do. I'm hoping you can help me once again. Here's what I'm trying to do: I want to be able to put a small DOS partition on the drive with my NT partition (I'm using FAT for everything for now.) Then I want to be able (under NT) to programatically set the DOS partition active, tell NT to reboot, and have it boot off of the DOS partition. Is this possible? I know utilities like Partition Magic will let you do all kinds of tricks (move, hide, etc.) under NT. But can it be done from Visual Basic?
Listing admins for remote computers
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to pass in a local workstation's host name and get a return of a list of the local administrators for that workstation? I have seen this in the Hyena program and wanted to do the same from VB5/VB6 code.
by DevX Pro
Do you know where to locate the Windows NT user ID so that I can add the user to the Exchange Server?
CopyFile API fails with AT command
by DevX Pro
I have a program that copies a file from Network Drive W: to Local Hard Drive E: using the CopyFile API Function. From the command line, the program works flawlessly. But, schedule the program to run with the AT command, and CopyFile fails with Error #5, "Access is Denied." I entered in this AT command from the command-line while logged in as Administrator: at 11:01 /interactive "e:\data\bat\dbu.bat" The BAT file calls my EXE with the From/To parameters to feed to the CopyFile API function. The "everyone" group has "Full Control" access to the file being copied and the directory it lives in. The destination directory is on a FAT drive. By the way, the program works fine if I'm copying the file from one local hard drive to another, from the command-line or from AT.
NT as Primary Domain Server
by DevX Pro
I want to set up my NT Server as my primary domain server. How do I do it?
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