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Arrays - Page 2

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Arrays of Functions
by David Bandel
Creating arrays of function pointers lets you pass functions as arguments at runtime even when you don't know the exact function needed at design time.
Arrays as Pointers in C++
by Sachin Kainth
Because the elements of an array are stored in consecutive memory addresses on the computer and the name of the array is equivalent to the address of the first element in it, it's easy to use pointers instead of subscripts to read and write the values of an array.
Retrieving Only Unique Elements from Two Sets
by Mykola Rozhok
This algorithm helps you to retrieve all the elements contained in the first set (set1), but not in the second (set2).
Read the Entire Text Element
by Amit Jain
SAXParser's specifications allow parsers to split text data into multiple arrays and call characters multiple times.
Display itemdata in a ComboBox
by Nkata Levi
This code shows how to display specific itemdata in a ComboBox.
Using Sort with Arrays
by David Faden
This tip explains how to use STL's sort with an array and lists some of the advantages of STL's sort over qsort.
21-26 of 26     Previous     Next
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