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Controls - Page 2

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Export Data Grid Content to an XML File
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
In the absence of any XML support functions, you can use the RenderControl method to extract content from a Data Grid into an .xml file.
Use the Robot Class for Automatic Keyboard and Mouse Control
by Kameswari Sreedharan
The code uses the Robot class to give you automatic keyboard and mouse control.
Accessing Server Controls Using JavaScript
by Santhi Maadhaven
Find out how to access your server controls using JavaScript.
Set Your onclick Event to Occur on the Client Before the Server
by Huang Rickel
Follow these three simple steps to set your onclick event to occur on the client before it occurs on the server.
Masked Edit Control
by Raghavan Swaminathan
Learn how to include characters in your mask that are also part of the set of mask syntax characters.
Display itemdata in a ComboBox
by Nkata Levi
This code shows how to display specific itemdata in a ComboBox.
Change the Tab Order of the Controls in a Dialog Box
by Arpad Pandy
Changing the Z order of the controls allows you to change the tab order of the controls in your dialog box.
21-27 of 27     Previous     Next
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