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Data Types - Page 2

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Achieving IIF Functionality in T-SQL
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Although T-SQL doesn't provide an IIF command, you can get equivalent functionality using the SELECT CASE command.
Restricting Implicit Conversion
by Saurabh Ramya
Learn how to restrict implicit conversion in C++.
Partially Optional Function Parameters in VBScript 5.0+
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Did you know that VBScript doesn't require you to provide all of a function's parameters when you call it? Learn how to use this feature with this tip.
Autoboxing/Unboxing in J2SE 1.5
by Vijayanandraj Amaladoss
Learn how to use the new Autoboxing and Unboxing feature and eliminate the pain of manual conversion.
by M.Fahim Zahid
The Difference Between BSTR and Unicode Strings
by Rajesh Chathapuram
Though each character of BSTR and Unicode strings are 2 characters wide, there is a fundamental difference between the two. ...
DB2 UDB V7 (Inserting into Identity Columns)
DB2 UDB V7 (Sequence Number)
Current Time/Date Stamp
by DevX Pro
How do I set up a field in a table to accept the current date and time? And how do I insert the current time/date into this field?
Informix Data Types
by DevX Pro
Does Informix support user-defined data types?
Large Text Fields
by DevX Pro
How do I create a text field of greater than 8,000 characters (in v7.0)? I attempted to use the "text" data type, but my code returned an error saying the maximum size was 8,000. Here's the code: CREATE TABLE X ( X_ID int IDENTITY(1,1), X_DESC text (60000) NOT NULL ) GO
Text Datatype
by DevX Pro
How do I search a text datatype column in an Informix database?
Between Statement
by DevX Pro
How do I write a statement that selects data between two dates?
Converting Datatype Within Informix SQL
by DevX Pro
I am trying to select various values from various fields. I want to be able to concatenate the results into a string variable, then insert the string into another table. What function do I use to convert the fields into a string so that I can join them together?
Is Informix ANSI ?
by DevX Pro
I have three quick questions: Is the Informix standard ANSI? Does it accept the function CAST()? What is the largest size char that I can declare?
Convert Time for Numbers
by DevX Pro
Does Informix have a function that converts datetime chars for numbers?
Informix Data Types for Linking Images
by DevX Pro
Does Informix have a data type similiar to SQL Server's image or ntext to input paths to link images?
Benefits of Using PLS_INTEGER Datatype in PL/SQL
by Jayanta Sengupta
If you have a whole-number counter, for example in a loop or record counter, consider using a datatype of PLS_INTEGER instead of INTEGER or NUMBER. When declaring an integer variable, PLS_INTEGER is ...
Valid Date Range for SQL Server Date/Time Data Types
by Jai Bardhan
Values for datetime data types earlier than January 1, 1753 are not permitted in SQL Server. SQL Server rejects all values that do not fall within the range from 1753 to 9999. Another SQL Server ...
Inserting a String into a Char(500)
by DevX Pro
I am trying to insert a string into a char(500) but get this error message: A quoted string exceeds 256 bytes. I'm using this for a Web site built in ASP and can't use the LOAD command to create a temp text file. Is there another solution?
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