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Data Types - Page 3

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DATETIME Type Conversion
by DevX Pro
I need some help with the DATETIME data type conversion. I have an Informix database running in a UNIX environment and I need to insert the system hour into an integer type column. I can't find any function to convert the DATETIME value into a number type. I already have a stored procedure that does the insert with other fields. Until now, I was inserting 0 in this field, but now I need to change it. How can I do this?
Multiple Linking to a Table
by DevX Pro
I have a main table where there are three fields: UserID, Postal code main, Postal code sub. I have a second table where there are two fields: Postal code, description. I want to create a new table with these two tables. This new table will have three fields, like the main table, but the fields containing the postal code will be replaced by their descriptions (via the second table). Will this work?
Default Date Format
by DevX Pro
I have an issue with date formats. I have a VB client piece of software that generates a select based on a particular date. However it only works on a number of clients erroring out with "ASSERTION 2001, cannot retrieve record set." I believe this is related to the format of the date. For example, on my machine 10/22/99 (22 October 1999) is fine, while on others it errors out. If I change the format on their machines to 22/10/1999, then theirs works and mine doesn't. Is there a default date format in SQL Server, or is it user-specific?
Converting from Varchar to Number
by DevX Pro
I have a table that contains numbers defined as varchar. How do I convert from varchar to number?
Inserting Images to SQL Using a SP and N-tier App
by DevX Pro
I am in the process of creating an n-tier database application and am stuck at storing images to the SQL Server database. Any help would be appreciated. Obviously, I need to read the image from the hard drive and store it to a variable (of what type?), and then pass it to my business layer, data access layer, and then the SP.
Always Create User Defined Data Types in the Database
by Deepak Pant
While designing the database for your application, you should always create user defined data types for columns across the database. User-defined data types ensure consistency of column definitions ...
Avoid Using BLOBs While Storing Data in SQL Server
by Jai Bardhan
Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) are stored in SQL Server as either text or image datatypes. The SQL Server maintains a pointer to the BLOB data. Thus, BLOB data is not stored on the data page along with ...
Utilize Extended Varchar Support in SQL Server 7.0
by Jai Bardhan
Variable-length character data types are 255 bytes long in SQL Server 6.5. SQL Server 7.0 extends Varchar to 8000 bytes long. Until SQL Server 6.5, text data type was used for anything that required ...
Invalid Operator for Data Type
by DevX Pro
I am getting this error message: Invalid operator for data type. Operator equals subtract, type equals varchar. What does this mean?
Data Type for Time
by DevX Pro
What is the data type for time? Example: 8:45 am
Character Sets Available in SQL 6.5
by DevX Pro
We'd like to find a table or listing of all the character sets available in SQL Server 6.5. Is there any way to get this from the Charset files that are loaded on the hard drive? Or is there another source for these?
by DevX Pro
Can you import Excel files into SQL Server tables using bcp? if so what is the command line?
Interoperable Dates and Times in SQL Queries
by Ken North
Many developers using ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and ADO are unaware that there is a standards-compliant solution for expressing dates, times, and timestamps in SQL statements. When writing queries in ...
Double-click on edit field
by DevX Pro
How can I catch a double click when the cursor is placed over an edit field? The normal double-click handler doesn't respond. I need to open a dialog window following a double click on an edit control.
Problems with database
by DevX Pro
I am developing a radon database for the Ohio Department of Health with Oracle Power Objects. I have two combo boxes. First a choice is made from one of them, and in the second one, the values change according to that choice. I know Microsoft Access and Developer 2000, but the logic used in them is not working here. What I am missing? Also, I am not able to create the main menu to open all the forms from that form-Main Menu. Help!
Field-level and interfield validations
by DevX Pro
Field-level validations should be done when the user visits the field. How can this be done? Interfield validations on the same screen also should be done when the user visits the latter field. Is this possible?
OPO 2.0 and mathematic operations
by DevX Pro
Yesterday I received a description for a reality problem I must represent in my OPO-database application. It concerns the drinking water supply for a city, and the staff of the water company are still working the Excel tables. Their task is to calculate, on the basis of these tables, the quality of the water they supply. The idea they have (and the work for me) is to import/implement these Excel tables (approximately 10 different ones) in the local database of OPO (Personal Oracle Lite), then develop an application that offers the user an interface (several forms) for analyzing the underlying data. My main task will be to combine different data fields of tables with the help of basic mathematic or statistic operations, e.g. squaring of numbers. In which way is it possible to implement these operations — perhaps on the basis of basic mathematic operators — in OPO 2.0? Maybe with the help of "methods" ? Can I find this information in your book, or perhaps you have another source of info? Are there any restrictions regarding the use of mathematic/statistic operations in OPO? What is the easiest way to import Excel tables in "Lite"? I have a choice between Excel files and ASCII files. Which is better?
Pop-up list problems
by DevX Pro
Why can't I put a simple piece of code in the click event for a list box and have it execute? Also, how can I choose a value from a list without OPO asking me to commit changes?
Sending email from within OPO applications
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to send email from within an Oracle Power Objects application?
What type of code to write if NOT NULL messages must be avoided
by DevX Pro
What type of code must be written to avoid the cryptic NOT NULL messages when records are to be added for fields already defined with NOT NULL in the table definitions?
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