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Data Types - Page 4

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Binding a form to multiple data sources
by DevX Pro
I am trying to bind a form to multiple tables in a session. If I drag and drop an attribute from a single table into my form, all is well. If I drag and drop an attribute from a second table, my form will ask me if I wish to override the default table with the table from which the second attribute was dragged and dropped. How can I structure a data source property so that I can have objects bound to multiple tables in a session?
Connecting forms through a button
by DevX Pro
I have number of forms, including a MainMenu form. On the MainMenu form I have several buttons that I want to click and connect to my other forms. I followed the method in PowerObject tutorial, but it still doesn't work. My MainMenu form has a button called Customer. I have set the "click" property of this button to "frmCustomer.OpenWindow()." I have a customer form by the name of "frmCustomer". Still doesn't work. Please help.
List of files in a directory
by DevX Pro
I need a way of letting the user pick a file name or names from a list. I would prefer this not to be in a dialog box. In VB I can use a file list box or the DIR command; neither of these are available in OPO. Can you help me?
OPO Example Archive??
by DevX Pro
Does an archive or site exist that has examples or templates for Power Objects? I'm a neophyte, and would like to start with some already developed applications that I can modify. Specifically, I'm looking to start with a simple database system in which to record customer info and a schedule of customer visits.
"Null" method
by DevX Pro
I want to be able to start a section of code if nothing is happening in an application. This type of 'null' method is useful for default tasks. How can I do this?
Column lengths
by DevX Pro
Data field objects in OPO can accept any amount of data, but if I send too many characters to the server, I get an error "flushing the row to the database". How come?
Dates in String Variables
by DevX Pro
I want to use a string variable with the date in it (format would be 02/22/96). How do I accomplish this?
Enumerating instances
by DevX Pro
I want to use many instances of a class in my form, but can't seem to figure out an easy way to check on the status of all the instances at once.
Global functions
by DevX Pro
How can I define a function that is not associated with a particular form?
by DevX Pro
What is the OnKey() method?
Structured variables
by DevX Pro
It seems like I cannot define my own data structures in OPO. I want to create an variable that actually consists of different underlying variables - a string followed by a number followed by a date. Is there any way I can create a variable with this type of structure?
User changes
by DevX Pro
I want to be able to take an action when a user changes the value of a data field, but not when the value of the field is changed by code. How can I do this?
Can't change Blaze table structures
by DevX Pro
I'm using an evaluation copy of OPO for the Mac. After I create a table, I go into the table structure window to try and change the table structure or the row characteristics. All Power Objects does is beep at me. What's up?
Two questions on extend function/how Informix handles dates
by DevX Pro
Both of the following questions deal with the extend function; more specifically, how Informix handles dates: 1. I've used "extend(var, day to day)" in a program since December '96 with no problems. But this week, it's been crashing, with this message: 1263: A field in a datetime or interval value is out of range or incorrect. If the date in the file is "1997-01-31," "extend(var, day to day)" doesn't work. If the date is "1997-02-01," it works. Does this have something to do with the current month? Please help! 2. We have a problem when we use the EXTEND statement when the first parm is DAY (EXTEND (field), DAY to DAY). The problem occurs because we are in February and the dates returned include days between 29 and 31. But when we try to retrieve data from January, we can extract only the day. The message we are getting is: ERROR NBR : -1263 A field in a datetime or interval value is out of range or incorrect. ISAM ERROR: Unknown error message 0.
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