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Adding an Installer Class to a Windows Service
by Wan Omar
Follow these simple steps to add an installer class to your Windows service.
Install CVsup to Stay Current with FreeBSD
by Gregory L. Magnusson
Make sure your version of FreeBSD and the ports collection is up to date.
Perform a Strict Date Validity Check
by Madan S.
If you use dates in your program frequently and you want them to be in a particular format, you don
Registering a DLL
by Emilio Sabatino
To register your DLL's, follow these ...
Why Choose Exchange 5.5?
by DevX Pro
Why should I choose to implement Exchange 5.5 when Microsoft Office works for my company?
Moving Mailboxes from 5.5 SP2 to SP3 on Win2000
by DevX Pro
I have an Exchange 5.5 installation on a Windows 2000 box with SP3, and I want to move approximately 1,500 mailboxes there from am Exchange 5.5 SP2 box on Windows NT 4. What is the best way and do I need to upgrade the existing box to SP3 before moving the mailboxes? We were considering just restoring the databases to the new server; is that a possibility?
Removing Exchange
by DevX Pro
How do I totally remove Exchange 5.5 from Windows 2000 Advance Server?
Use the Dependency Walker Utility to Determine File Dependency
by Andrew Holliday
When creating an installation package that determines what files must be installed, use the Visual Studio 6.0 Dependency Walker Utility. This utility comes with Visual Studio and can be found in the ...
Moving Users to a New Organization and Site
by DevX Pro
I have about 50 users on an "old" Exchange Server (version 5.0 SP2), and I need to move them to a new server. The problem is that the new server must belong to a different organization and must have a different site name from the old, and also it is running Exchange Server 5.5 (SP2 or maybe 3). I think the best way to approach this is by using ExMerge to produce .PST files and then import them onto the new server. (I intend to export the recipient list and import them to the new server). What is the best, cleanest way of conducting the upgrade? If I use EXMERGE, does it destroy the data on the old server?
Building on New Server
by DevX Pro
I have a domain with a PDC server and a BDC server. I want to replace the PDC, where I have Exchange 5.5SP2, with a bigger server and basically maintain the same names and Exchange settings. How can I do this?
Avoid Installation Problems With the Msldvusr.dll in Win95
by Robert Smith
If you're developing multiuser Jet-based applications, you probably know about Microsoft's msldbusr.dll. It allows you to read the Jet lock files and get the correct number of connected users and ...
Upgrading from Standard to Enterprise Edition 5.5
by DevX Pro
I have read that to upgrade from Exchange 5.5 Standard to Enterprise Edition, I need to install Enterprise on top of my existing installation. Is that correct? What are the procedures to go from Standard to Enterprise?
Hardware Configuration for New Server
by DevX Pro
We need to migrate to a new server and are looking for some hardware guidelines for the new server. The server will need to support up to 250 users and replicate to 4 sites around the world. Can you give me some guidelines for the number of processors, amount of RAM, and disk space for the Information store and logs?
Is Exchange the Answer?
by DevX Pro
I am setting up a new post office SYS. We have five sites over the United Kingdom. Is Exchange the right product to use? We would require replication of all addresses on each site. Each site would have to administer its own address, although it should be possible to administer from one location if needed. All internal e-mail should stay in the WAN; all external e-mail should go out to a Web site hoster, who would have all 500 addresses set up. Also, there might be one or two sites outside the UK, which would also need to replicate their addresses to the UK site through the Web. Can you offer any help? (We have Windows 95/98 and Windows NT on Novell.)
App Not Running on Other Machines
by DevX Pro
After compiling my VB app, and installing it on my machine, it will run. But, when I install it on my professor's machine at school, it doesn't work at all. What do I need to investigate in order to resolve this problem?
Installing Exchange 5.5 Upgrade on New Server
by DevX Pro
I have Exchange 5.0 running on a server that has become too small to do everything asked of it. I bought Exchange 5.5 Upgrade and a totally new copy of NT 4.0 for a new server. What I was going to do is install 5.5 on the new server and then move over mailboxes from the machine that has Exchange 5.0 on it. What I did not know is that installing the 5.2 Upgrade is not as simple as starting the install on a new machine and then putting in the version-5.0 CD-ROM to prove I have a legal copy. Version 5.5 simply does not install when it does not see a previous version of Exchange. So I decided to install 5.0 on the new machine and then tell it to join the existing site. It started installing OK and said it was replicating directories. It then stopped and said it could not continue and to look at the event log. The event log had several entries similar to this: Event ID 286 Unable to create object /o=xxxx/ou=xxxx.org/cn=configuration/cn=addressing/_ cn=display-templates/cn:409 because one or more_ objects in the directory path /o=xxxx/ou=xxxx.org/cn=configuration/cn=addressing/_ cn=display-templates do not exist. It seems as though I'm eligible for an upgrade copy of Exchange because once the new server is running OK, the original server with 5.0 is going to be stripped of Exchange. But how do I get everything onto the new server? I only have these two servers and one domain. The original server at this time is a PDC and the new one is a BDC. My goal is to get Exchange, as well as the other applications, completely off the original machine. When things are running smoothly, I will remove Exchange from the original machine and promote the BDC to a PDC, while demoting the original machine to a BDC. Does this make sense?
Getting Started with Exchange
by DevX Pro
I am in the process of installing Exchange 5.5 for the first time. I need some help understanding the basic concepts of this system. How do I get the server and client (Outlook 2000) to talk to each other? I have installed the server and am not having much luck getting the Outlook client to connect to Exchange. (It is logged into the NT server.)
Adding a New Label at Run Time
by DevX Pro
I have been unable to add a new label onto my form at run time because the 'new' command doesn't seem to work for a label. What's the best way to do this?
Execute DOS and Windows Programs from ASP
by Ken Cox
Although it is usually more efficient to use a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that meshes well with the Internet Information Server (IIS) and Active Server Pages (ASP) environment, you may just need to ...
Change the Setup Wizard Background Color
by Pierre Metras
VB6's Setup Wizard generates gradient blue background screens, as do wizards in previous versions of VB. However, an undocumented setting gives you the opportunity to see installation programs ...
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