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How to Make a Patch for a Product Upgrade
by DevX Pro
How would a person make a patch to upgrade their software in VB6?
Sizing ASP Script Engine Cache Appropriately
by Erik Goetze
To squeeze maximum efficiency out of Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, you may want to look at the amount of cache provided to each ASP thread. The default value for the metabase parameter ...
VB and ISP and Web-based analysis
by DevX Pro
I have numerous data analysis programs written in VB4/5 that I would like to put on a server for server-based data analysis. It would require uploading data files from the client (through a browser), then performing data analysis based on user requirements, then downloading data and generating plots for paper-based plotting. My questions is: what are the limitations if I try to use an ISP (such as Hiway.com), or must I use a dedicated II server? Rick
Set Up Useful Shortcuts in the Send To Folder
by Joe Karbowski
If you develop applications that use components that need to be registered, consider setting up a shortcut to regsvr32 in the "Send To" folder on a user's machine as part of your set-up process. For ...
Setting Environment Variables in VB
by DevX Pro
My 16bit application requires the presence of a DOS environment variable. On startup I check for it. If it does not exist I display an error. I would like create the environment variable through my VB code. Is this possible?
Access violation occurred
by DevX Pro
I created a setup program with the Setup Wizard. I try to install my program on another computer, and the message following appears: C:\windows\system\msvcrt40.dll An access violation occurred while copying the file.
Spread Upgrades Over the Network
by Rodney Samodral
I design VB applications for approximately 300 employees in a networked environment. It's difficult to ...
Streamline Your API Declares, Part 1
by Francesco Balena
< ...
Setup Wizard Complains: Not Enough Info In OLE Server
by A. Nickals
The SetupWizard directly supports only self-registering OLE servers.
Automatically Upgrade Workstation EXEs
by Fred Lyhne
I'm programming for a LAN and quite often I add requested features to the program. The LAN is set up so that each workstation is running its own copy of the program and is only reading/writing data ...
Creating Win 3.1 Applications
by DevX Pro
Should I upgrade to VB5.0. I currently am using VB4.0 to make a simple program to run on win3.1 and win95. I want to distribute this program on diskette and use as few as possible. Currently I have to use 2 disk, mainly for all the dll's that go with it. (is there a way to reduce to one disk?) My main question is should I upgrade.
Licensing of DAO in VB
by DevX Pro
I intended to use DAO in my application, but I wonder whether is there any license issue if I written an application in VB and distributed it or resell it?
Runtimes in Visual Basic 5.0
by DevX Pro
I read an article on another VB site dated 3/28/97 that stated that the executables created by VB 5.0 would still require a runtime dll (vbrun500.dll or something like that). Is this true?
OLE installation files for VB
by DevX Pro
I have VB 4.0 and VFP 5.0 along with OFFICE 95 installed on a desktop win95 pentium and my 486 win95 notebook. I create a simple VB form on my desktop including a Tabstrip control. When I copy the project to my notebook and try to open it there, I get an OLE error - cannot open comctl32.dll and cannot open comdlg32.dll. Both files are present (but they have a jan or feb 96 date on them but my desktop dates are Oct 96). In fact I can CREATE the same form on my notebook and then move it to the desktop and it can open it. So, I tried to just copy these 2 files from my desktop to my notebook but then got WORSE errors regarding OLE Automation. My problem: 1) how to identify which files are involved, 2) why don't I have the most recent ones, and 3) how to fix this problem.
Compilation Requirements
by DevX Pro
I know I need VB40032.DLL to run my visual basic programs, but I was wondering if it is possible to make a VB executable that does not require VB40032.dll.
Data Access Errors
by DevX Pro
I've developed an application using VB4.0, but I can't distribute it because the installed application breaks on any reference to dbEngine object. In my machine the application runs perfectly, but in any computer without the VB4.0 installed, this application crashes (424 error or 429 error) Can you help me with this problem?
Distributing VB400xx.DLL with Applications
by DevX Pro
I just wrote my first VB4 program, the "Hello World" program out of the SAMS book, "Learn VB4 in 21 Days". My question is this: I compiled my program into an .EXE and brought it to work to show my co-workers. When I ran the .EXE it gave an error "Missing VB40032.DLL" I loaded up Archie and looked all over the web for that .DLL with no luck. Am I going to be able to write and distribute my programs w/ VB4 and distribute the VB40032.DLL with my programs?
Installing all Files Required
by DevX Pro
I've created a small utility. The exe is only 27k, but vb40032.dll, mfc40.dll (for a custom control) and others make the setup zip over 1 meg. Can I leave some files out, assuming the user will already have them or can get them elsewhere? Besides the two files above, how about msvcrt40.dll and msvcrt20.dll? And if I leave them out, where could I point the user to get them from?
Installing Database Application
by DevX Pro
I am having trouble using the setup wizard for a project I have created in Visual Basic. The problem is after I setup the program on another computer, the font I programmed in (American Unical) shows up as Times New Roman on that computer. It also says it can't find a file (MSJT112.DLL) when it goes to the database section of the program and ends the program.
Running Strictly from CD-ROM
by DevX Pro
My question was in regards to installation. I would like to know if it is possible to run a VB program right from a floppy or CDROM without installing or copying the associated files (DLL's) to the Windows System directory. I have two books on VB programming and neither of them go into that.
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