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Quick Way to Print Only Certain Rows of an Excel Spreadsheet
by Srinath M S
Language: Enterprise, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn an easy to to print select rows from Excel.
Printing an HTML Page in Landscape Mode
by Devendra Kumar
JavaScript does not allow you to set the page orientation so you can print in Landscape mode. Adding the following style to a page, directs the browser to do so.
Printing Color Lines in VB
by Swaminathan Raghavan
Have you ever had a problem printing lines in color from VB6 (SP4)?
Printing an Object in Java
by MS Sridhar
When you use System.out.println( ) by passing an object as an argument, the JRE invokes its toString( ) method by default. This results in some very uninformative output.
Printing the Contents Displayed in an Applet
by Kameswari Sreedharan
Find out how to print the contents that are displayed in an applet.
Print a DataGrid Alone from an ASP.NET Web Page
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Ever wanted to print a DataGrid alone from an ASP.NET Web page? Put an <asp:DataGrid> tag inside the tag does the trick.
SelectPrinter - Setting the application's default printer
by Iouri
Set the printer with the input name as the default printer for *this application* (not for the whole system)
GetDefaultDriverName - Retrieving the default printer Driver name
by Waty Thierry
*** Constants for DEVMODE structure
Printing formatted text and other data with the WebBrowser control
by Marco Bellinaso
Printing con be quite difficult in VB.NET (or any other .NET language), especially if you not only have to print plain text, but also tables, images, bulleted lists, text with different fonts, styles, colors and any other type of formatted data. Here's a tip that can make your life much easier, ...
InstallPrinter - Install a new printer on the system
by Marco Bellinaso
Install a new printer on the system sPrinterName is the name to assign to identify the printer sDriver is a string identifying the driver for the printer sPort is the printer's COM port sComment is a comment to associate to the printer item Example: Dim bOK As Boolean bOK = ...
Shortcut for System.out.println()
by Patrick Phillips
Tired of typing
ShowNetworkPrinterConnectionDialog - Connect or disconnect a printer
by Marco Bellinaso
Show the dialog to connect/disconnect a network printer If the argument is True it shows the ConnectDialog, otherwise it shows the Disconnect dialog the second argument is the hWnd of the parent dialog The function returns False if the dialog is canceled, True otherwise.
Disabling Right Clicker on Mouse
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to disable the user's right click button using JavaScript?
Viewing Source Code
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to prevent users from using the VIEW/SOURCE to view the HTML in my pages? I need to have this for a form that uses sensitive information in the VALUE field of a drop down menu, and I don't want anyone to be able to just go in and view the source code to retrieve the values.
Display the Connect To Printer dialog
by Francesco Balena
Under Windows NT you can programmatically display the Connect To Printer dialog using one simple API function: ' This works only under Windows NT and 2000 Private Declare Function ConnectToPrinterDlg Lib "winspool.drv" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal flags As Long) As Long ' the 1st ...
Writing directly to a printer
by DevX Pro
How to write a text directly to printer port, such as lpt1?
Use JavaScript to Print an Entire Web Document
by Jai Bardhan
To print the entire document from JavaScript, use parent.print() in the code. For example, this code snippet can be used to print the entire document on click event.
Printing a Barcode (GIF) From Netscape 4.05+
by DevX Pro
I have a barcode saved as a GIF that is truncated each time it is printed from Netscape. It prints fine in Internet Explorer and Netscape 4.04 but does not work in subsequent versions of Netscape. The GIF displays properly but is altered when previewed or printed. I have looked at your comments related to printing DHTML and felt that my issue is similar. I was unsure how to print the window created by your JavaScript in this response. I was able to generate the PrintWindow but didn't know what to do next. I have simple HTML and GIF files to demonstrate this problem.
Check Whether Password Includes a Number
by DevX Pro
How can I check if the password that a user inputs has at least one numeric character?
Print Pages in IE5 by Calling the window.print() Method
by Jai Bardhan
Internet Explorer 5.0 makes printing pages from within your code simple. The print() method is now exposed off the window object in IE5. It presents the print dialog for the user to click OK or ...
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