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Add "Copy To Folder" and "Move To Folder" to Windows Explorer's Context Menus
by Srinath MS
Customize your Windows Explorer context menu by adding these two convenient commands.
How to Determine the Default Web Browser
by Alexander Ocher
Sometimes people assume that the default Web browser is the program that is registered in the Windows registry to open files with .html extension.
Remove MS SQL Server Completely
by Larry Sawchuk
Microsoft has several different versions of SQL and occasionally an install fails or an upgrade fails and normal uninstallation is impossible.
Removing an Unused Window Service
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Learn how to remove an unused Window service by modifying your registry.
Testing with an Application Verifier
by Boris Eligulashvili
If you're troubleshooting an application for memory-related problems or working towards getting an application designed for Windows XP Logo, you'll need to know about the MS Application Verifier.
Storing Values in a Windows Registry with VB
by Gayatri Sekhar
This tip shows you VB code you can use to permanently store values in a Windows registry—as well as code to retrieve and delete those values.
How to Rethrow an Exception in Your Code
by Mahesh Chulet
Use the fillInStackTrace() method to rethrow a Throwable type of exceptional condition in your code. This is useful if you want to rethrow a exception occurred while ...
Batch files won't run
by DevX Pro
My batch files don't run anymore. I've changed the association for editting them, and now that is the default action. Also, the "add" button is disabled in the edit action dialog. The "open" (executable) option is no longer there. How do I reset this? At the moment, they can't be ran from explorer.
by DevX Pro
How can I get the current Desktop color?
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