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Testing and QA - Page 4

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Produce a Hex Dump of the Contents of a URL
by Vlad Patryshev
The Debug and Release Check Technique
by Gigi Sayfan
Check the Correct Balance of Brackets in Arithmetic Expressions
by Ivan Jelic
Using Pointers as Integers
by Danny Kalev
In the early days of C, pointers were plain integers. Relics of this approach can still be found in vintage APIs and legacy code. For instance, the ANSI C <signal.h> header declares the ...
Use Safer International Conversions
by Giovanni Buommino
I have problems developing applications for non-English
Find the Error-Generating Line
by Stephen E.
After trapping an error in debug mode with the usual "On Error Goto ErrorHandlingCode", you might be frustrated that you can
Transfer Data from a RichTextBox Control to an Outlook Message
by Dan Quick
When automating Outlook from a VB application, I needed to find a way to transfer data from a RichTextBox control to an Outlook message. Unfortunately using Clipboard.SetText and Clipboard.
Convert an Exception StackTrace to a String
by Kesav Kumar
This feature will be required if you want to store exceptions in a ...
Send All Your System Messages To File
by Kesav Kumar
Often, while developing a system you want to debug it using System.out.println or System.err.println. When development is over you would like to send all those messages to file. The easiest way ...
Easily Track Exceptions That Occur Deep Inside Your App
by Jason Ingram
OBJECT_NAME is a module level constant and 'PROC_NAME is a procedure level constant. You need these because not all objects know their own names, and procedures certainly don't. Use the following ...
Debugging the OCX, DLL, or EXE
by Lev Romanov
The same code can be used for debugging either in development or in production environments. To do so include the following subroutine in the ...
Find Unfinished Code
by Patrick Marshall
Never walk away from a routine that is not functionally complete but that will still compile. You might forget, or be out sick, and the module may never be finished. A simple way to avoid this ...
Viewing Error Outputs From Java Applets in IE
by Nitin Garg
The file Java/Javalog.txt in the Windows directory (i.e. C:\windows\Java.Javalog.txt for windows and C:\winnt\Java\Javalog.txt for NT) contains information for the last applet that was loaded by ...
Another Way to Fix a Single Quote in SQL Statements
by Thomas Wells
A generic approach to making sure a single quote (') does not cause a SQL statement to fail is to replace the single quote with two single quotes, as in the following example: ...
Debugging ActiveX EXE Components
by Peter Luo
Debugging ActiveX EXE components is different from debugging ActiveX DLL components, and a bit more difficult. Here is how to do it: ...
Determine if an Error Has Occured During Object Construction
by Sandeep Gain
This can be achieved in java by throwing an exception from your Constructor. Since Constructors cannot return a value, this is the only way you can achieve error handling.
Use VB's Date/Time Picker Control With No Date
by Jason Ingram
Using the DTPicker control is good except if you
Optimizing String Classes in Java Code
by Naveet Gupta
The String class is probably one of the most used classes in Java. String concatenation via the
Exception Handling, Inheritance and the Need For Strict Rules
by Anil Nair
Java has some strict rules for exception handling when it comes to inheritance and overriding of methods.
View Recordsets in Temporary Grids
by Nazmul Siddiqui
An alternate, convenient way to view recordsets in debug mode is to persist a recordset to disk using rs.save MyFileUNC.ADTG in the immediate window. Note that the file must be of ADTG type (*.
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