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Exception Handling
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Exception.what() Gives Vague Description
by DevX Pro
I'm using a catch(exception e). When I come in the catch-block and print the message belonging to the exception, I receive the message "9exception." What does it mean?
Error 2374 for loop-scoped variable declaration
by DevX Pro
The following code produces an error when compiled on Microsoft Visual C++ 6 SP3: for (int i = 0; i error C2374: 'i' : redefinition; multiple initialization But it compiles cleanly on gcc. Why? Which interpretation of the language specification is correct?
Function to create a folder/subfolder
by DevX Pro
How can I write a function in C++ that would create a folder/subfolder on the hard-disk?
Turn Off Explicit ASP Error Messages in IIS
by Roger Oney
Of course no one ever sees an error on your Web site—but just in case, you can turn off explicit ASP error messages on your live site for better security and a more user friendly experience. ...
Clearing the Screen
by DevX Pro
What is the "clear screen" function in C++, and which library is it in?
Fix Justification Glitch in MSFlexGrid
by Pat Labelle
The MSFlexGrid tries to automatically determine how to justify text. If the first character is numeric, then that cell will be right-justified. If it is an alphanumeric character, then that cell will ...
Authentication Error When Creating a Web Application
by Manoj K.
If you are using a numeric IP address instead of a computer name to identify your Web server when creating an application, you may encounter an authentication error. This happens when your ...
Avoid Hard Carriage Returns in Your HTML Text Strings
by Manoj K.
When using the element property innerHTML to change the text of an element, make sure that you don't put hard carriage returns inside of the text string. Doing so will cause an "Unterminated ...
Use Windows Script Host to Rename Existing Files
by Manoj K.
You can rename files through the use of the FileSystem object. The problem is that you ...
SQL query results error
by DevX Pro
To show my SQL query results in paged fashion, I used your article as reference. This error message appeared: ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cb3' The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider. I checked the specified code where the error was generated, and it was the RS.AbsolutePage property. What should I do to fix this error?
Playing Sound Files in FoxPro Apps Quickly
by DevX Pro
I write language instruction programs and have been calling mplayer2 to allow students to hear the pronunciation saved in recorded sound files. But mplayer takes forever to load and play. So do all the other executable programs that I have, such as xrecord. By contrast, Windows can play .wav files instantly. If I could load and play small .wav files that fast I could greatly improve my language program. (There must be some subfile of Windows that plays its sound files so quickly.)What other .exe files are there that load and play very quickly under FoxPro? Using verbs in FoxPro is even slower than calling .exe files for some reason.
Stacks to Strings Conversion
by Manoj K.
Sometimes it is useful to be able to capture the output from a stack dump, redirect it to a string, and then, perhaps, to a window. ...
Patch for Divide-By-Zero Error
by DevX Pro
We are getting a divide-by-zero error running FoxPro for Windows 2.5 on a Novell server on the network on an NT workstation. Can I use the patch in version 2.5?
Using the Assert Macro
by DevX Pro
I am not sure if it is good when I use the assert macro in the following code: int sum(int number) // Precondition: number => 1 // Postcondition: return sum from 1 to n terms { assert(number >= 1); int total = 0; for (;number >= 1; number--) { total = total + number; } return total; } What do you think?
Copying Part of a String
by DevX Pro
I have a little problem which I can't solve. I will give the question with an example. I'm working with Excel. In a cell the string "100dpi.txt" is written. Is it possible to copy a part of this string "100dpi" to another cell? How should I do this? In this example the "part of the string" contains six characters before the dot. This part of the string can vary from one to eight characters.
Maximum Number of Objects on a Form
by DevX Pro
Is there any way to get more than 255 objects on a VB form?
ServerSocket Port Binding Error
by DevX Pro
My Java server compiles perfectly, but when I try to run it on my machine I get an error when it tries to open up the ServerSocket on port 2525. I have tried it on another machine and it works fine. It also worked on my own machine the first few times I tried it.
Use TreeView Control With Checkboxes
by Gerardo Villeda
When the NodeCheck event triggers, you receive as a parameter the node that was checked. Say you need to do some validation and uncheck the node when there's an error. You set Node.Checked = False, ...
Menus Using Virtual Functions
by DevX Pro
What is giving me a redefinition of CMenuItems class error in this code? //cmenu.h class CMenuItem { public: char title[81]; virtual void Do_Command(void)=0; }; //********************* //CMDS.CPP Defines and initializes menu commands. #include #include #include "cmenu.h" class CMenuBell:public CMenuItem{ void Do_Command(void); }; class CMenuSaying:public CMenuItem{ void Do_Command(void); }; class CMenuAdd:public CMenuItem{ void Do_Command(void); }; void CMenuBell::Do_Command(void){ putc('\007',stdout); // "\007" rings a bell } void CMenuSaying::Do_Command(void){ puts("If you know the meaning of the universe,"); puts("Make the sound of one hand clapping."); } void CMenuAdd::Do_Command(void) { double x,y; printf("Enter a number: "); scanf("%lf",&x); printf("Enter a number: "); scanf("%lf",&y); printf("The total is %f.", x+y); } int num_commands; CMenuItem *commands[20]; void Init_Commands(void) { commands[0] = new CMenuBell; strcpy(commands[0]->title, "Sound a bell."); commands[1] = new CMenuSaying; strcpy(commands[1]->title, "Print a message."); commands[2] = new CMenuAdd; strcpy(commands[2]->title, "Add two numbers."); num_commands=3; } //************************ //Main.cpp #include #include "cmenu.h" #include "CMDS.cpp" extern int num_commands; extern CMenuItem *commands[]; void main(void) { int i, sel; Init_Commands(); do { puts("\nMENU:\n"); for (i=0; ititle"); printf("\nEnter a selection: "); scanf("%d", &sel); if (sel>0 && selDo_Command(); } while (sel
Default Button Prevents Firing of Validate Event
by Gordon Lawson
VB6 introduced the Validate event as a way to handle field-level validation without using LostFocus, which doesn
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