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Windows APIs

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Use the Cassia .NET Library to Detect Users Connected to Windows Server
by Deepak Choudhari
Thanks to the Cassia .NET Library, you can programmatically detect the users connected to Windows Server without using PInvoke to call the Windows Terminal Services API.
Build One Application Version for Both Windows XP and Windows Vista
by Shao Voon
You don't have to compile two different versions to get applications that run correctly under both Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Using SetForegroundWindow on Windows Owned by Other Processes
by Alexander Ocher
Find out how to specify which window should appear in the foreground—even if it's running on a different thread.
Open Any File from Code
by Pavana Shireesha
Using the Windows ShellExecute API, you can run any application or open any file whose extension is associated with an application.
Fast Way to Create and Send Email
by Loris Marcon
Take advantage of the installed mail client to simplify sending email from VB.
Truncate a Path String
by Srinath MS
Currently, there is no .NET class that provides this functionality. The workaround is to use the Windows Shell function (PathCompactPathEx).
Set the Computer's Name Through .NET
by Srinath MS
Learn how to set your computer's name using the SetComputerName function, which is available in kernel32.dll
Associate a File Extension to a Program
by Andre Portugal
This tip is an addendum to a previous tip demonstrating how to use CreateFileAssociation to associate a file extension.
Make Your Mouse Pointer Tremble
by Frederico Cebrian
To make your mouse pointer appear to be trembling, you first create a form with ScaleMode = 3 - Pixel. Then use the code in this tip.
Disable the Standard Window Close (X) Button
by Hany Saad
This code disables the X button in the window form.
Implement the Portable Sleep Function in Linux and Windows
by Elsayed Elghadban
Find out how to run the Windows Sleep API call in Linux.
Converting a String to a GUID
by Sachin Kainth
Learn about this simple way to convert a string, which is in the correct GUID format, into a GUID.
Apply a Gradient to Any Control that Has an hDC
by Bryan Utley
This tip shares a class that allows you to apply a gradient to any control that has an hDC—forms, Pictureboxes, etc
Launch a Process with the WshShell Exec Method
by Stephane Courcy-Poitras
The WshShell Exec method can be used to launch a process. This function uses it to launch a command line and return it's output, with a timeout parameter.
Enable Auto-complete on Your Edit Controls in VC++
by Nahappan Somasundaram
This code enables the auto-complete on your edit controls in VC++.
Capturing Key States from a Non-active Window
by Sriram Swaminathan
This function takes a virtual key code as a parameter and returns non-zero if the function succeeds.
A Simple Way to Install a Special Font
by Cafer Demiraslan
This tip loads and removes any font. Loaded fonts can be listed by the common dialog control but not in the Windows Fonts folder. The advantage is it lets you use any special font at run time. ...
Determine Current User
by Pratibha Gupta
In Windows, the computer can be set up so that many different users can log into the computer. The current user
SystemErrorDescription - Convert an API error code to a string
by Francesco Balena
Convert an API error number to a descriptive string If any error it returns an empty string, in which case the Err.LastDllError property can be use to retrieve extended error information
"Shrink" the Size of a File
by Andreas Hillqvist
Visual Basic lacks the ability to make a file smaller without having to recreate it. But it is possible to use the SetEndOfFile API. Here is a function for ...
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