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Windows APIs - Page 3

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Generate GUIDs With One API Call
by Dj Hackney
I read a great advanced tip on how to create a GUID in "Generate Unique String IDs" ["101 Tech Tips for ...
Use GetInputState in Loops
by Daniel R.
Some developers suggest putting DoEvents in loops to keep your application responsive. This is never a good idea. If the loop is short, you don
Use Faster Floating-Point Division
by Jason Bock
If you do a lot of floating-point division operations in VB, you can optimize these operations by multiplying by the reciprocal value. For example, instead of performing this ...
Use a Class Module for Persistent Global Variables
by John Zenkavich
When I use variables that need to be saved to the Registry or to an INI file, I sometimes forget to place the API call after the variables in a program have changed. This might cause problems later ...
Fill In the E-Mail Fields
by Robert Smith
ShellExecute is one of the most flexible Win32 APIs. Using ShellExecute, you can pass any filename, and if the file
Let Users Resize Your Controls
by Fran Pregernik
You can allow users to resize a control—just like in VB design mode—with a mouse, using two simple API calls. You can resize the control—top-left, top, top-right, left, right, ...
Retrieving Browseforfolder() Files
by DevX Pro
I'm using a function named Browseforfolders() that uses the following code: Private Declare Function SHBrowseForFolder Lib "shell32.dll" _ Alias "SHBrowseForFolderA" (lpBrowseInfo As BROWSEINFO) As Long and the declaration of this constant: Private Const BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS = &H1 What I would like to know is, if using this function, is it also possible to obtain the files from the directory? Best regards, Bruno bruno@escripovoa.pt Visual Basic Software developer
Swap Strings Faster
by Thomas Weiss
Here's a cool way to swap ...
Remove Unwanted System Menu Options
by Earl Damron
You've probably wanted to limit the normal operations of a form, such as resizing it, preventing it from being minimized or maximized, or allowing it to be closed only when you say so. The trick is ...
Translate Ole_Color to Actual RGB Value
by Ben Baird
Have you ever tried to pass a VB system color constant-such as vbButtonFace-to an API call that asks for a color? I frequently need to use system colors for GDI calls, and prefer to use the VB system ...
Load Tree Subnodes on Demand
by Ben Baird
Here's a quick way to drop a drive's folder hierarchy into a TreeView control. The advantage to using this method is that folders are enumerated only when a node is expanded, so your app won't waste ...
Generate Unique String IDs
by Edward Lennox
If you need unique string IDs and don't have a sure-fire way of either generating or guaranteeing the generated ID is unique, then you need a Universally Unique ID (UUID) or Globally Unique ID (GUID) ...
Extract null-delimited strings
by Francesco Balena
Most API function that return a string require that you pass a buffer where they can place the result as a null-terminated ANSI string (a.k.a. ASCIIZ string). The calling code must then extract the string by taking all the characters up to the first Chr$(0) character, if there is one. For ...
Leverage Office to Spellcheck RichText
by Rohit Kapoor
Integrate Microsoft Word 97's spellchecking capability into VB apps while maintaining formatting within a rich textbox. To test this ...
Generic Listbox Columns Routine
by Jim Farrell
Use the SendMessage API to set tab stops in a VB listbox by creating these declarations and this routine in a ...
Locate the Temp Folder
by Robert Smith
In your apps, do the right thing: Use the computer's Temp folder to hold your temporary files. To find that location, paste this code into the Declarations section of a ...
Retrieve Localization Strings
by Brian Morris
Use this API function wrapper to retrieve localization and personalization ...
Align Text on a Command Button
by Sam Huggill
If you've ever wanted to align text on a command button and found you can do it only by using spaces in the caption, there are a couple of constants that can help you do this with the SetWindowLong ...
Avoid the Cost of Repeatedly Copying a Temporary Object
by Danny Kalev
Consider the following code ...
MCI Supports Multiple CD-ROMs
by Matt Hart
The Media Control Interface (MCI) can easily support multiple CD audio devices.
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