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Cross Browser Issues

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When to Declare a Virtual Member Function Private
by Ivan Gerasimov
Declaring a virtual member function private may be useful when you wish to limit the number of derived classes that can override the given function. In such a case, you declare all the derived ...
Making the Image OnClick Work in Both Browsers
by Mike Gasperino
Since the introduction of DHTML and client-side scripting, developing Internet applications can be a real challenge. If you don't have the luxury of a "pure" Internet Explorer environment, there's a ...
Using Web Dialogs in IE
by Chris McCann
Opening a new browser window is a handy but sometimes misused feature. ...
Dynamically Changing Content without DHTML
by Ajith Prasad
The DHTML capabilities (such as changing the text color/fonts/size dynamically) are very nice features to have, but unfortunately, they are not available on all browser applications. Essentially, ...
Submitting a Form with the Enter Key
by Ajith Prasad
Using the IE browser application, you can press the <Enter> key while filling a form to submit the form. Indeed, this is a desirable feature for any Windows application. In order to make ...
Browser-Neutral Code for Referring Style Objects
by Ajith Prasad
Programming with style sheets is never an easy task if you want to write browser-neutral HTML code. This is because the DOM (Document Object Model) of the Internet Explorer and the DOM of Netscape ...
Image-Based Menu Problem with Internet Explorer 5.0
by Ajith Prasad
With the introduction of Internet Explorer 5.0, many people had to remove the image-based menus from their Web sites. The reason for this is bad performance. When the file-caching mode is set to ...
'Wait Please...' Implementation
by Dmitry Namiot
It is a common task for servlet (JSP) developers to have to display something with a server-based operation (calculation) that wastes a lot of time. Suppose you have a very long calculation and need ...
Changing Style Attributes Dynamically
by Manoj K.
Microsoft's IE4 supports the ability to change just about any CSS1 style attribute dynamically. To access an element's style, use the style object property that corresponds to the style attribute. ...
Determine Which Style Sheets to Use
by Manoj K.
There are some differences in Cascading Style Sheet implementation in Internet Explorer 3 and 4. So you may want to choose which set of style sheets to load for your web page depending on the user's ...
Custom Menu Pop-Up
by DevX Pro
When I press the right mouse click, I'd like to have a custom menu pop up instead of the usual default browser pop-up. How can I do this with Javascript?
Kill the Browser's Offset Bug
by Manoj K.
On May 9, Mark Williams contributed the ...
DHTML & Search Engines
by DevX Pro
Can you provide any insight on whether spider-based search engines, like AltaVista and Inktomi, can index DHTML text?
Using IFRAME Across Browsers
by DevX Pro
I want to make my site cross-browser compatible, but I rely on a lot of iframes in the IE version. According to the original HTML 4 specification, it should be possible to use the object tag instead. Can you tell me how to do this, as the way specified by W3C doesn't seem to be the way implemented in IE5?
Designing a Pull-down Menu Over an Object
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to design a pull down menu that will show over an object? Every way that I've tried still hides the part of the menu behind the object.
Image Pop-Ups
by DevX Pro
I want to have an image pop up, like a tool tip, when I hover over specific text. Is there any way to do this with DHTML or Javascript?
Works in IE But Not Netscape
by DevX Pro
Why do certain things like tables and frames work fine with Internet Explorer but not with Netscape?
Recommended Books on Cross-Browser DHTML
by DevX Pro
Can you recommend a book on writing cross-browser DHTML?
Change Pages Using the Enter Key
by DevX Pro
How do I display the next page after a user enters data into a field and presses the Enter key?
Test Both Strings and DOM
by Kurt Cagle
Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer ...
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