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Clip an Image Using CSS with the CLIP Property
by Srinath M S
Language: Web, Level: Intermediate: - Learn to easily manipulate images with the CSS Clip property.
Conditionally Load CSS Files Based on the Media
by Srinath M S
Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to use the link tag in HTML to load CSS files based on certain conditions.
Specify More Than One CSS Class for an HTML Element
by Deepak Choudhari
Find out how to specify more than one CSS class reference to an HTML element in a web/HTML page.
Constrain an HTML Input Box to Uppercase
by Loekito Mulyadi
The easiest way to constrain an HTML input box to uppercase is to use the STYLE attribute inside the INPUT tag.
Assign Multiple Styles to an Element Without Burdening Your Browser
by Srinath MS
Here's a way to assign multiple styles to an element without burdening your browser.
Printing an HTML Page in Landscape Mode
by Devendra Kumar
JavaScript does not allow you to set the page orientation so you can print in Landscape mode. Adding the following style to a page, directs the browser to do so.
Placing Multiple Headers in a DataTable
by Adrian Pascut
Find out how to place multiple headers in a DataTable.
Compatible Stylesheets with xsl:fallback
by Leonard Anghel
This code shows you how to use the xsl:fallback element to achieve full compatibility between XSLT different versions.
A Quick Way to Display Text from a Database in ASP
by Ken Pendergast
This tip can help you save time when you want to display text from a database in ASP.
Using Inheritance in CSS
by Prasad Haridass
Using inheritance in your cascading style sheets helps you minimize the content you'll be delivering to your client.
Remove Margins from the Browser
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Learn how to manipulate stylesheets to remove the margins from any given browser window.
Optimize Your Pages For Users' Screen Resolution
by Chris McCann
You can never tell just what your users are going to do. Sometimes, their browser settings aren't quite optimal for your site, and you are forced to cater to the lowest common denominator. For ...
Layout Manager for Scrolling DIV's
by Chris McCann
A scrolling DIV is a great way to display a large amount of data without ...
Browser-Neutral Code for Referring Style Objects
by Ajith Prasad
Programming with style sheets is never an easy task if you want to write browser-neutral HTML code. This is because the DOM (Document Object Model) of the Internet Explorer and the DOM of Netscape ...
'Wait Please...' Implementation
by Dmitry Namiot
It is a common task for servlet (JSP) developers to have to display something with a server-based operation (calculation) that wastes a lot of time. Suppose you have a very long calculation and need ...
Changing Style Attributes Dynamically
by Manoj K.
Microsoft's IE4 supports the ability to change just about any CSS1 style attribute dynamically. To access an element's style, use the style object property that corresponds to the style attribute. ...
Determine Which Style Sheets to Use
by Manoj K.
There are some differences in Cascading Style Sheet implementation in Internet Explorer 3 and 4. So you may want to choose which set of style sheets to load for your web page depending on the user's ...
Use the SPAN Element to Define Styles Within a Block
by Manoj K.
While the DIV element can be used to designate block-level elements such as paragraphs and list items, SPAN is used within a block. And while most browsers will insert a line feed before and after ...
Mouseover Effects for Links
by Maheshwar D.
The following code can be used in the <HEAD> tag of an HTML document for automatic mouseover effects on all links on the page. The styles 'a' and 'a:visited' are used for compatibility with ...
Set Home Page with DHTML
by Maheshwar D.
DHTML intrinsic behavior gives advantage to changing the user's home page to the current page. ...
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