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Generate a DHTML Message From a Database
by DevX Pro
I am working with Microsoft DHTML and when I insert the content of a field in a DHTML document, I lose part of my message. For example, suppose I write: Hello (insert first last name) How are you I obtain: Hello Frederic Smith However, I lose: How are you
Shockwave Flash and DHTML
by DevX Pro
How can I make a Shockwave Flash movie run over or under a DHTML DIV tag with text inside? I tried to use z-index but it doesn't work well with Flash.
Optimize Your Scripts in DHTML Using the DEFER Attribute
by Jai Bardhan
DEFER is a relatively obscure attribute of the SCRIPT element, but if you want to enhance performance when authoring scripts, you can use it to indicate to Internet Explorer 4 or later that the ...
Optimize Your Scripts in DHTML When Accessing a Collection
by Jai Bardhan
A typical operation in DHTML is to iterate through a collection of objects. Let's say you're writing an HTML application that indexes content. Your task is to collect all the H1 elements on a ...
Make Text Scrollable Inside a Layer in Netscape
by DevX Pro
I have a layer and I want to make the text inside scrollable. I use SPAN (or DIV also works okay) and it looks fine in Internet Explorer. But there is no scrollbar in Netscape; rather the text is cut off. How can I make it so that the scrollbar appears in Netscape?
Use innerText in DHTML to Change Text on the Fly
by Ken Cox
With Dynamic HTML and Internet Explorer 4 and 5 you can update the text on the page after the page is rendered. The trick is to use the ID attribute as a unique identifier for the tag. As the user ...
Dynamically Load a Style Sheet
by DevX Pro
How do you dynamically load a style sheet? I'm trying to use the tag in the to load a style sheet. All the pages in my site use the same so I get a uniform appearance throughout. I want to let users choose which style sheet to use, with a simple form box, and have the SRC attribute of the tag in each page changed to whatever style sheet they choose. I've tried various things with JavaScript and cookies, but I can't figure it out. Is it even possible? I'm designing for Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4.
Hiding Drop-Down Tabs
by DevX Pro
Is there an easy way to hide a drop-down tab without using the mouseout, mousemove, or mouseover events? These dynamic drop-down tabs are layered and in a framed page. When I move down the page, I put a transparent rectangle below the menu items so that onmousover I can hide all the drop-down tabs. When I move up to the top frame, I put a two pixel bar across the top of the bottom frame that will also hide the drop-down on mouseover. However, fast movement through these areas doesn't always activate the onmouseover events of the invisible images. Do you know of a better way to hide these menu items?
Move Animated GIFs Across a Web Page
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to make an animated GIF move across a Web page, but the animation freezes in both Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Navigator 4. I tried to do this with an applet instead of an animated GIF and it works, but the color that I have made transparent in the images is no longer rendered as transparent, but rather white so the effect is lost. Also, when I use an applet moving across a Web page, it disregards the specification of the z-index values—it always stays on top.
Netscape Navigator Does Not Support createElement
by DevX Pro
Does Netscape Navigator 4.5 offer a function similar to Internet Explorer's createElement? I'd like to add an option to a listbox using client scripting.
Hide Unnecessary Navigation Buttons Using DHTML
by Mike Gasperino
Hide your navigation buttons using DHTML when you don't need them. Imagine a page with a databound table on it showing ten rows of data. When you're at the beginning or end of the table, either the ...
Books Covering Visual Basic 6 and Web Classes
by DevX Pro
I am building Web pages using Visual Basic 6, Web Classes, HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript. Do you know of any good books that actually explain this type of programming? I have bought HTML books and VB6 books but there is a lack of knowledge putting all the languages together. A lot of the HTML I've written is embedded into the VB6 Web Class as I am building tables of information on the fly. I find it really hard to easily interact between all the languages. For example, to get a button on the Web to run a Visual Basic procedure I've had to create a dummy frame of 0% and forced the procedure to run to this frame, otherwise it clears the screen. Surely there is an easier way of doing this. Thanks for your help.
Using Expandable Outlines in Netscape
by DevX Pro
I've written a page that uses expandable outlines using the display property of SPAN objects and it works fine in Internet Explorer 4. However, Netscape does not seem to use this property of SPAN objects. Is there any way to use expanding outlines in Netscape 4?
Changing a Layer Through a Link
by DevX Pro
Can I change the text of my layer through a link? I've heard it's impossible and that I have to change the visibility of the layer and replace it with a new one. Is this true? I'm using Dreamweaver 2 on Windows 98.
DHTML and XML Courses
by DevX Pro
Can you recommend a training company that offers DHTML and/or XML courses?
Non-Form ActiveX Event Does Not Fire From ASP
by DevX Pro
I downloaded Microsoft's DIRWALK VB code and used it to create an ActiveX server. I want it to walk an HTML directory tree with ASP (Active Server Pages) so I can build a table of contents based on the folders. When the method WalkDirectory() finds a folder, it uses RaiseEvent ItemFound and passes the path and folder name to the event. However, in ASP, the event is not being fired—or if it is, I cannot detect it. All of the examples I've seen on events have been from forms, but not from non-form events.
Placing a Sound File on a Web Page
by DevX Pro
I want to put a sound file that I saved on my A drive on my Web page but I don't know what HTML tag to use. The file name is raggaesw.mid. Could you please explain how to go about placing a sound file on a Web page? I want the music to start as soon as my Web page is opened. Thanks for your help.
Printing DHTML (CSS) in Netscape 4.0+
by DevX Pro
I've put together an intranet site that uses JavaScript functions that put together a page. For example, the header section, body section, footer section, sidebar, and so on are called JavaScript functions. The sidebar and main body functions are displayed as DHTML style sheets. I need the content in the body or the whole page to print. Either will do. The problem is that it prints okay in Internet Explorer but when I try to print it in Netscape I get the error message, "There are no pages to print." Also I don't get side scroll bars in Netscape. Unfortunately, my client is a Netscape company. Can you help me?
Controlling the Printed Page
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to control the printed page size and layout in DHTML? In other words, can I control how a DHTML page looks when it is printed and control elements such as page breaks and object placement on a printed page? I have an Automated Letter Generation system that creates large mailings using Microsoft Word's mail merge facility and I am looking into using DHTML to replace Microsoft Word.
Dynamically Changing Table Values
by DevX Pro
I have a table that contains the values returned from a SQL database. I have created a division within each cell. The ID value for the division is the keyvalue of the recordset. On mouseover, the DIV that I store the name of the current DIV in is a hidden form input. I also move and make visible a select input item and set its value to the value currently in the table cell. The idea is that the user picks a new value and I update the table with the new value. I set the new value using this function: function selectSupported(oObject){ var strSelText = oObject.options[oObject.selectedIndex].text //oObject is the select input var strCurValue = document.all.item(document.all.hidCurSupported.value).innerText //getting the value currently in the table if (strSelText != strCurValue) document.all.item(document.all.hidCurSupported.value).innerText = strSelText; //set the new value } This code works, however, it only works once. After I set the inner text of the DIV in the table cell, the table cell no longer responds to mouse over events. Any ideas?
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