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The #flastmod and #fsize Server-side Includes
by Srinath MS
The #flastmod and #fsize server-side includes provide important information on web pages hosted by classic ASP web sites.
Constrain an HTML Input Box to Uppercase
by Loekito Mulyadi
The easiest way to constrain an HTML input box to uppercase is to use the STYLE attribute inside the INPUT tag.
Assign Multiple Styles to an Element Without Burdening Your Browser
by Srinath MS
Here's a way to assign multiple styles to an element without burdening your browser.
Printing an HTML Page in Landscape Mode
by Devendra Kumar
JavaScript does not allow you to set the page orientation so you can print in Landscape mode. Adding the following style to a page, directs the browser to do so.
Placing Multiple Headers in a DataTable
by Adrian Pascut
Find out how to place multiple headers in a DataTable.
Compatible Stylesheets with xsl:fallback
by Leonard Anghel
This code shows you how to use the xsl:fallback element to achieve full compatibility between XSLT different versions.
Improve Caching Perfomance with the Shared Attribute of the Output Directive
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to improve caching performance with the shared attribute of the output directive.
Retrieving a Single Value from a Database
by Nathan Broslawsky
This PHP function pulls a single field from a single record in the database once the MySQL connection has already been established.
How to Bind a GridView Control to XML in ASP.NET
by Pascal Bazin
Find out how you can build a GridView from an XML file.
Solve Problems when Running ASP.NET Web Applications and Skype Simultaneously
by Srinath MS
Skype automatically uses port 80 if it's not otherwise occupied. This causes an error when you try to open Web applications in .NET.
How to Display ASP.NET DataGrid Data in Excel
by Naveen Lanke
This tip shares code that allows you to display ASP.NET DataGrid data in Excel.
Install and Run Your ASP.NET Applications on Systems Without IIS
by Vlad Hrybok
Learn how to install and run your ASP.NET applications on systems without IIS in three easy steps.
Constructing Strings of Repeated Characters in T-SQL
by Srinath MS
Learn how to use the Repliciate() function to display a set of characters for a specified length.
Enable Day-click Selection for an ASP Calendar Control
by Will Cooper
The following code assigns an OnClick event to each calendar cell by altering the way the calendar control renders the cells containing the days.
A Quick Way to Display Text from a Database in ASP
by Ken Pendergast
This tip can help you save time when you want to display text from a database in ASP.
Modifying Client JavaScript Code at Runtime
by Eddy Spreeuwers
Find out how you can make new tags/components using JavaScript blocks.
Using SELECT * on a Table with the Column Type NTEXT
by Steve Skelton
Find out how to ensure that your NTEXT contents display when you've used SELECT * on table with the column type.
Initializing a TextBox
by Vadivel Mohanakrishnan
Learn the two ways to initialize a TextBox whose TextMode is "password" with a default password.
Prevent Empty Parameters from Automatically Converting to Null
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
This kind of conversion could lead to unexpected query results--and sometimes no query results at all.
Assign a Default Value to a Password Control in ASP.NET
by Prasad Haridass
Use this code to assign a default value to a password control in ASP.NET.
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