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Embedding Applets in XML Documents
by Dave Rugh
I came across this solution while trying to embed an applet in an XSL page I was using to transform my XML source document into HTML.
Redirecting to Another URL with setTimeout
by Ajith Prasad
Most of Web developers may be familiar with the META REFRESH tag in HTML. This tag is used to take the user to another location automatically, after a specified delay. In the example given below, ...
Improving Usability with the LABEL Tag
by Chris McCann
When it comes to usability, the devil is in the details. Annoying little quirks can make your users hate to use your perfectly good web app. One easy (but often overlooked) way to improve ...
Focus Your Users Using ASP And JavaScript
by Teymour Askerov
Many sites don't do a very good job focusing their users attention on the form controls that they have to fill out. It's easy to jump from one form control to the next using the Tab key once the ...
Dynamically Changing Content without DHTML
by Ajith Prasad
The DHTML capabilities (such as changing the text color/fonts/size dynamically) are very nice features to have, but unfortunately, they are not available on all browser applications. Essentially, ...
Submitting Forms with Unselected Checkboxes
by Jai Bardhan
Checkbox control is one of the widely used controls in Web pages. However, it is important to understand that a name/value pair for the checkbox is only submitted with the form when ...
Creating Frames
by DevX Pro
I want to make a simple frame for my Web site, but I don't know how. I've looked through your tutorial but I still don't fully understand. Can you help?
Submitting a Form with the Enter Key
by Ajith Prasad
Using the IE browser application, you can press the <Enter> key while filling a form to submit the form. Indeed, this is a desirable feature for any Windows application. In order to make ...
Building a Rotating Banner Ad with JavaScript
by Ajith Prasad
Banner ads are common on any commercial site these days. But most of them use mechanisms like Server Push, Serve-side objects, or even services of third parties to rotate the banner. Here is a ...
Scrolling DIVs
by Chris McCann
These days, most Web developers are discouraged from using frames (with good reason). However, users still like the functionality they provide. FRAME and IFRAME are handy scrolling containers, ...
Preventing Client Caching
by Jai Bardhan
You may want to make sure that a client visiting your site cannot cache a particular Web page. However, setting the Response.Expires=0 does not always prevent a browser from caching a page. You will ...
Simple Table Grids Without Images
by Matt Usher
When designing an internet application that must provide results in a grid, many developers will use small (1 pixel by 1 pixel) images in order to create a grid effect (similar to an Excel ...
Browser-Neutral Code for Referring Style Objects
by Ajith Prasad
Programming with style sheets is never an easy task if you want to write browser-neutral HTML code. This is because the DOM (Document Object Model) of the Internet Explorer and the DOM of Netscape ...
Setting/Resetting Checkboxes with a Single Click
by Olivier Georg
I have a bunch of files on the server that I wanted to be able to select, for example, to delete them or to give them special treatment. Thus, I made a table with their names and a checkbox for ...
Creating a Drop-Down List File in ASP
by Mujtaba Joad
Using this tip, you can create a drop-down list, which is populated from a database, and include it in a Web (ASP) page. This will basically increase the performance via the conventional method.
Formatting Tables in HTML Pages
by Ajith Prasad
The best way to tackle alignment/wrapping issues with invisible tables is ...
Displaying an XML Data Island in an HTML Table
by Deepak Pant
The <XML> tag can be used to create an XML data island. XML data islands are XML- data referenced or included in an HTML page. The XML data can be part of the HTML document, or it can stay ...
Image-Based Menu Problem with Internet Explorer 5.0
by Ajith Prasad
With the introduction of Internet Explorer 5.0, many people had to remove the image-based menus from their Web sites. The reason for this is bad performance. When the file-caching mode is set to ...
by DevX Pro
How can I retrieve the images that are stored in the SQL Server Database Table by using iHTML?
Manually Adjust Leading in HTML Text
by Manoj Singh
Do you have problems with the spacing that HTML line breaks and paragraph tags ...
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