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HTML - Page 4

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Format Color for HTML
by Monte Hansen
Add User-friendliness to an HTML CheckBox/RadioButton
by Prasad Haridass
A Flying Pop-up Window
by M.V. Prem
A Shortcut to Writing Basic HTML Tags
by Devington B.
List of Most Commonly Used CGI Equivalents of Servlets
When to Declare a Virtual Member Function Private
by Ivan Gerasimov
Declaring a virtual member function private may be useful when you wish to limit the number of derived classes that can override the given function. In such a case, you declare all the derived ...
Making the Image OnClick Work in Both Browsers
by Mike Gasperino
Since the introduction of DHTML and client-side scripting, developing Internet applications can be a real challenge. If you don't have the luxury of a "pure" Internet Explorer environment, there's a ...
Alternative to Using
by Alex Whyte
Use this code to notify a form that displays another form when the displayed form is closed
Gather Both Server-side and Client-side Info into a URL
by Liu Qingtao
< ...
Providing a Much Nicer 404 Error
by DevX Pro
A user on my site clicks to retrieve a URL outside of my site, but the link is dead and the user receives a 404 error. Do you know of any methods to let me know when this happens? Ideally, I would like to trigger an e-mail to myself using STMP.
Layout Manager for Scrolling DIV's
by Chris McCann
A scrolling DIV is a great way to display a large amount of data without ...
How to Convert ADO RecordSet into the HTML Table
by Jitendra Kumar
The following code converts an ADO recordset into an HTML table by using the GetString function of the recordset. This method does not involve the looping or MoveNext method; it directly converts the ...
Choose Appropriate Image Format
by Alka Mittal
A major problem with using images on Web sites is ...
Embedding Applets in XML Documents
by Dave Rugh
I came across this solution while trying to embed an applet in an XSL page I was using to transform my XML source document into HTML.
Redirecting to Another URL with setTimeout
by Ajith Prasad
Most of Web developers may be familiar with the META REFRESH tag in HTML. This tag is used to take the user to another location automatically, after a specified delay. In the example given below, ...
Improving Usability with the LABEL Tag
by Chris McCann
When it comes to usability, the devil is in the details. Annoying little quirks can make your users hate to use your perfectly good web app. One easy (but often overlooked) way to improve ...
Focus Your Users Using ASP And JavaScript
by Teymour Askerov
Many sites don't do a very good job focusing their users attention on the form controls that they have to fill out. It's easy to jump from one form control to the next using the Tab key once the ...
Dynamically Changing Content without DHTML
by Ajith Prasad
The DHTML capabilities (such as changing the text color/fonts/size dynamically) are very nice features to have, but unfortunately, they are not available on all browser applications. Essentially, ...
Submitting Forms with Unselected Checkboxes
by Jai Bardhan
Checkbox control is one of the widely used controls in Web pages. However, it is important to understand that a name/value pair for the checkbox is only submitted with the form when ...
Creating Frames
by DevX Pro
I want to make a simple frame for my Web site, but I don't know how. I've looked through your tutorial but I still don't fully understand. Can you help?
61-80 of 264     Previous     Next
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