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Multimedia Processing - Page 3

Multimedia Formats
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MCI Supports Multiple CD-ROMs
by Matt Hart
The Media Control Interface (MCI) can easily support multiple CD audio devices.
Accessing graphics file from VB
by DevX Pro
I need to store thumbnail graphics in an Access database (as an OLE object?) and be able to display the columns including the graphic in a table or grid. Ultimately this database will be used in an Intranet site. I cannot determine how to view the graphic. The getChunk commands seems like a lot of work with a great chance for failure. An OCX might work, but I don't need to "play" with the graphic--just show it. Thanks Jdr
Windows sound programming.
by DevX Pro
When writing a Windows 95 program using VC++, how do you play a MIDI sound file?
Draw Complex Shapes
by Rob Parsons,
You can create complex shapes easily if you have a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint, CorelDraw, or any other graphics editor. Using your graphic editor's drawing tools, draw the shape you want in the ...
Play WAV Sounds from Resource Files
by Steve Davis
Everyone loves a good sound bite. You can use the PlaySound() function in the Windows Multimedia DLL (WINMM.DLL) to play a wave (WAV) file that is stored as a resource. Although you can do this using ...
Changing screen resolution
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to change the screen resolution to 640*480 before my project runs and change it back when the program exits. Or is there another way of rearanging the controls on the screen if the resloution is different to the resolution the project was designed on.
Accessing individual pixels
by DevX Pro
I'm developing a VB program that requires manipulation of pictures. I can read them in and display them without any problem, but I have no way (that I can find) of accessing individual pixels. I need to be able to read each pixel's RGB value, possibly altering it. Please help!
Graphics in MDI Forms
by Karl E.
To use a bitmap or other graphics in the client space of MDI ...
Set Columns in DBGrid At Design Time
by Apex Software
Set the number of columns in VB4's DBGrid at design time by ...
Fading Colors
by Timothy L.
< ...
Creating Disabled or Etched Icons
by Craig Goren
Here's how to create an etched or disabled icon using an icon ...
Cheap Graphic Buttons
by David Moulton
You can use the Wingdings font to put simple graphics on a standard command button. Put a standard command button on a form, and in the Properties window, change the button's font to Wingdings. Load ...
Show Fonts as you Select Them
by Brian Lang
To let a user change a font name, load all the fonts into a combo ...
Creating Java Applet to Play .au File on Startup
by DevX Pro
I am trying to create a Java routine to play an .au file when it starts up (I want to then add this as a startup to my Web page). I have been hacking for the last few days, but cannot get it to compile. I think I am missing something obvious.
Creating 3D Forms
by DevX Pro
I have been successfully using the CTL3DV2.DLL to make 3D message boxes and common dialogs, but I have not been able to get it to work with standard VB forms. I have been told that the VB form must have the border-style property set to fixed-double, and I have also turned off all title bar buttons. What is the problem?
Painting as 3D
by DevX Pro
How do I use 3D effects on message boxes and common dialogs?
Playing WAV Files
by DevX Pro
How can I play WAV or MID files through Visual Basic?
Removing Picture Property
by DevX Pro
If I apply a picture to a Form's Picture property, is there a way to clear it out at design time? (Rather than by using LoadPicture "" at run time in the Form_Load subroutine.)
Saving a Picture to Disk
by DevX Pro
I am able to use the API call ExtractIcon to get an icon from a .VBX, .EXE, or .DLL. I can put the icon in a Picture Control, but I cannot save that icon as a .ICO. How can this be done?
Showing as 3D
by DevX Pro
I need a 3D bound text box control so I can avoid having to place standard text boxes in 3D panels for a chiseled effect. I have been unable to find one in the VB 3.0 Professional Edition. Are you aware of any freeware, shareware and/or commercial VBXs that contain such a control?
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