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Multimedia Processing - Page 4

Multimedia Formats
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Adding Sound to an Application
by DevX Pro
I have a application I need to run off a floppy, I am trying to find a space effective way to add sound to my program. This will be in VB3 as VB4 is way to huge. Ole looks to add 500K to the program any suggestions?
Creating Simple Animation
by DevX Pro
How do I get four simple .bmp pictures to animate? Could you maybe give me an example? What the pictures are is a green scare then it would turn into a green square with a purple one inside of it until it had all four squares inside one another then it stops. Help.
Dynamically Create Pictures
by DevX Pro
I got a game "SimTower". In this game you can for exemple click on the picture with the office or hotel room, then you are clicking somewhere on the screen and the copy of the picture apears there. Is there someway I can do something like this in visual basic.
Getting CD Track Information
by DevX Pro
I would like to read audio CD information directly from VB. At this point I have no idea how it is done, but as I want to write a database program, I need to obtain information, such as number of tracks, length of each track etc.
Removing Filename Reference
by DevX Pro
I have a form containing a Picture Box control. This control currently contains a bitmap i.e. the picture property contains a filename. How do I change the picture property back to without having to re-create the form?
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