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State Management
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Format Dates in Active Server Pages Using the Locale Identifiers
by Ken Cox
The Active Server Pages Session object includes an under-used property called LCID. The LCID, or locale identifier, helps you format your ASP code to suit your target audience.
Embed a User ID and Password in a URL
by William Wen
Frequently, a Web page or an FTP site has protected areas open only to those with a valid login. As you browse to the page, a form appears querying the user id and password. While this feature is ...
Storing a Last-Modified Date in a Cookie
by Steve Renaker
On informational Web sites, it is often handy to be able to show certain kinds of information only once, and then keep it hidden until it is updated. That way, users don't have to look at the same ...
Make Your Cookies Live Longer
by Erik Goetze
When using ASP to create browser cookies, by default the cookie is alive only as long as the browser is running. You can make cookies last longer by defining an expiration date at the same time you ...
Limit Your Cookie Size
by Boris Feldman
There are a number of important limitations on the use of cookies by Web site developers. This is because cookies are intended to be used only for infrequent storage of small amounts of data on the ...
Maintain Username and Password
by Charles Caison
Due to a minor bug, the Internet Transfer Control cannot use the username and password properties if they are set before the URL property. Because of this, you should always set the URL property ...
Notify Session Time Out When Using ASP
by Russell Jones,
Each time a user connects to an ASP Web site, they are assigned a SessionID. Each session times out after 20 minutes by default (although you can adjust the timeout duration). This frees server ...
JavaScript Cookies
by DevX Pro
How long can a document.cookie string be? In other words, how many cookies can I set?
Persistent Cookies with JavaScript
by DevX Pro
How can I write a cookie in one page and then read that cookie in another? or alternatively pass data gathered in one page (not a remote!) and then access it in another?
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