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Web Forms

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HTML Input Placeholder Attribute
by Octavia Amghel
Language: Web, Level: Beginner: - Learn to use the input placeholder attribute in your HTML5 forms to show what's expected in that field.
Bypassing a Dialog Window's DialogResult
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
Using Explicit Casting to Display Data
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Explicit casting offers better performance while avoiding the cost of reflection.
Displaying "Bit" Database Fields in Web Forms
by Srinath MS
When fields with 'Bit' Data Types are displayed on Web Pages, they shows as True/False, as opposed to showing the actual '0' / '1'.
Changing the Title in a Web Form
by Srinath MS
In ASP.NET, a web form's title is determined by the HTML View's Title attribute. However, there is no property in the default (or any other namespace) that helps you to change the title programmatically.
Improve Caching Perfomance with the Shared Attribute of the Output Directive
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to improve caching performance with the shared attribute of the output directive.
Move a Title-less Form
by Liam Goodacre
If you've struggled with setting static variables in MouseDown, and MouseUp commands to enable users to drag borderless windows around the screen, here's a simpler way.
Clear All the Controls in a Form
by Syed Mohamed
Use this code to clear all the controls in a form.
Use Java to Extract All the Name-value Pairs from a URL
by Elayaraja David
Find out how to use Java to extract all the name-value pairs from a URL.
Managing the Form Flow in J2ME
by Alejandro Parodi
To manage form flow, the first thing you need to do is create a singleton class with static methods.
Post to Another .aspx Page
by Santhi Maadhaven
ASP.NET pages post back to themselves—even if you place the action attribute in the <form> tag. Read about two workarounds for this problem.
Use CausesValidation to Prevent Unwanted Validation Checks
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Setting CausesValidation=False to the appropriate control prevents those pesky validation checks that occur for every postback.
How to Set Topmost Forms
by Patrick Marshall
This tip explains how to use Topmost forms and shares some workarounds for some of their usage problems.
Execute Form Processing Code Without the BODY Tag
by Michael Sanchez
This JavaScript function allows you to execute form processing code once the page load event was fired without access to the BODY tag.
Funk Up Your Forms with Fading
Funk Up Your Forms with Fading
Posting Forms Programmatically
by M.Fahim Zahid
SaveCSV - Saving the content of a FlexGrid control as a CSV-file
by Pebe
Save the content of a FlexGrid control as a CSV-file Example: SaveCSV("C:\Test.csv", MSFlexGrid1)
Close All Child Forms in One Shot
by Unnikrishnan Thampy
Execute a Temporary SQL Stored Procedure
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
If a user doesn
A New Look at the Select Case
by Michael C.
Who says the Select Case can evaluate only one statement? Try Select Case True instead of the If
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