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Windows And Windows Apis - Page 3

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Using the Standard Library Algorithms with Arrays
by Kevin Spiteri
Pointers may be used as iterators when using the standard library algorithms found in <algorithm>.
Simplify Launching Applications from the Run Menu
by Srinath MS
Learn how to save keystrokes by saving your shortcuts to a folder and launching them from the Run Menu.
Move a Title-less Form
by Liam Goodacre
If you've struggled with setting static variables in MouseDown, and MouseUp commands to enable users to drag borderless windows around the screen, here's a simpler way.
Determining Who Has Opened a Shared Folder
by Srinath MS
Ever forgot to un-share a folder that you shared with a colleague or friend? Ever forgotten the path of a folder that you shared? Want to know who has opened your shared folder? There is a command to help you in such situations.
Retrieving Custom Objects Added to the Clipboard
by Robert Pfeffer
Retrieving a custom object from the clipboard returns nothing if the object has a reference to a nonserializable object. Find out how to workaround this.
Implement GetTickCount in Linux
by Elsayed Elghadban
Find out how to implement the GetTickCount API when porting code from Windows to Linux.
Implement the Portable Sleep Function in Linux and Windows
by Elsayed Elghadban
Find out how to run the Windows Sleep API call in Linux.
Porting itoa Windows STL Code to Linux
by Elsayed Elghadban
This tip can help you port your code from Windows to Linux when your code uses the default itoa implementation in the STL.
Porting Code from Windows to Linux
by Elsayed Elghadban
This tip provides a substitute for the __strrev function, because it's not available under Linux.
Converting a String to a GUID
by Sachin Kainth
Learn about this simple way to convert a string, which is in the correct GUID format, into a GUID.
A List of JDBC Drivers
by Elayaraja David
If you need to access a database with Java, you need a driver. This is a list of the drivers available, what database they can access, who makes it, and how to contact them.
Apply a Gradient to Any Control that Has an hDC
by Bryan Utley
This tip shares a class that allows you to apply a gradient to any control that has an hDC—forms, Pictureboxes, etc
Testing with an Application Verifier
by Boris Eligulashvili
If you're troubleshooting an application for memory-related problems or working towards getting an application designed for Windows XP Logo, you'll need to know about the MS Application Verifier.
Connecting to Oracle without Configuring the tnsnames.ora File
by Bill Cressman
Learn how to avoid configuring Oracle's pesky tnsnames file when connecting to a database.
Connect to SQL Server Using ADODB Retrieving Records
by Yatin Karekar
This tip will show you how to connect to SQL Server using ADODB Retrieving Records using Record Set and connecting it to Crystal Reports.
Use the Connection String and SQL Profiler to Identify Your Application
by Akash Aggarwal
The ApplicationName property can be very useful when there are multiple applications running on a server and you need to track which application is issuing bad SQL.
Using the ostream_iterator()
by Saurabh Ramya
This iterator works in conjunction with STL algorithms, allowing you to perform a variety of actions besides merely reading the elements of a container.
Using Insert Iterators
by Saurabh Ramya
Insert iterators come in very handy when you need to populate a container using an STL algorithm which uses an assignment operator to fill in the data.
Using STL Binders
by Saurabh Ramya
Learn how to use STL binders to use binary function objects as unary function objects in many STL algorithms which need them.
Shutdown/Restart Windows Without Long API Calls
by Jamin Wong
This tip tells you how you can shutdown or restart Windows with one line of code, avoiding those long API calls.
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