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XML - Page 15

Data Management
XML Schema
XML with Java
XML with Visual Basic and VB.NET
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Create a Database Connection by Passing a DataSource Object
by Sujata De
Learn how to create a database connection by passing a DataSource object.
Hide .jsp Names from the URL
by Puneet M. Sangal
This tip shows you how to hide .jsp names from the URL by defining a mapping in the web.xml file.
Monitoring Garbage Collection in the JVM
by Amit Tuli
Though Java manages the memory allocation and de-allocation for these objects, sometimes this huge number can result in memory leak problem. This tip shows you a way to manage garbage collection in the JVM.
List All the Tables with a Foreign Key Constraint
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Use this code in Query Analyzer to list all tables with foreign key constraints.
Get the End Date of a Financial Quarter
by Vijayanandraj Amaladoss
This function gets the end date of a financial quarter, relative to the date value passed.
Extract the Contents of ZIP/JAR Files Programmatically
by Amit Tuli
This code shows you how to extract the contents of .zip or >span class="pf">.jar files programmatically.
Use Oracle's VARRAY Through JDBC
by Vijayanandraj Amaladoss
This code snippet demonstrates how to use Oracle's VARRAY through JDBC.
Return Content When You Pass a URL to the Server
by N Sharath
This code shows how you can use the WebClient method to return content as a string.
Uploading a Large Number of Records in DB2
by Gautham Muthuravichandran
A myriad of database configuratrion issues can pop up while you're performing database-intensive operations. This tip outlines solutions to some common problems.
Trace the Path of Execution
by Amit Tuli
Learn how to use the dumpStack() to debug larger applications with greater ease.
Another Way to Execute a Process Without a Hang
by Carfield Yim
When you need to stdin, stdout and stderr at the same time, you can use different threads to handle them. This tip shows you how.
Determine Whether a String is a base64encoded
by Keyur Kalaria
This function checks to see whether a string is a base64encoded. It returns TRUE if the string is a base64encoded. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.
Passing a Variable Number of Arguments in a Method
by Amit Tuli
Vector enables you to achieve another dimension of dynamism.
Regular Expression Validation in XSD
by Supal Chowdhury
This tip's code performs powerful Date type validation in XSD.
Cache Your Repeated Calls to the Database
by Jamie Longstreet
Find out how to cache your repeated calls to the database.
Use join() to Check if a Thread Has Finished
by Amit Tuli
The join() method provides an efficient way to make sure a thread has finished before you continue processing.
Remove the Read-only Checkbox from a Common Dialog Control
by Pankaj Agarwal
Find out how to remove the read-only checkbox from a common dialog control.
Getting Around the Java Compiler's 64K Limitation
by Amit Jain
Find out how you can use inheritance to work around the Java compiler's 64K limitation.
Launch a Process with the WshShell Exec Method
by Stephane Courcy-Poitras
The WshShell Exec method can be used to launch a process. This function uses it to launch a command line and return it's output, with a timeout parameter.
Easily Retrieve File Attributes
by Dambar Tiwari
This code provides a handy way to get file attributes in a foolproof way.
281-300 of 4906     Previous     Next
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