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XML With Java Archives

JSF Backing Bean Tips: Parameter Extractions and Redirects - 06/13/2012
Java Code to Filter File Names in a Directory - 09/06/2011
Managed Classes and Object Injection in Java EE 5 - 09/02/2011
Managing Concurrent Requests with EJB Containers - 08/25/2011
Using EJB Interceptors for Java EE Audits - 05/04/2011
Java Tip: Optimization Technique for Lists - 03/08/2011
Static Class Values Are Valid Even Without a Main Method - 10/26/2009
Using Tree(Map,Set) in Collections - 10/08/2009
A Guide to Determine When You Need a Java Interface - 10/05/2009
Using String.split(String) vs. Using a StringTokenizer - 09/25/2009
Achieve Syntax Brevity with Anonymous Classes and Instance Initializers - 09/14/2009
Execute DOS Commands from a Java Program - 09/01/2009
Comparing Constant Strings with String Variables - 08/25/2009
Understanding Java's Integer Pool Can Avoid Problems - 07/13/2009
Returning Zero-Length Arrays in Java - 07/06/2009
Simple Script to Run Java Applications on Linux and Windows - 06/22/2009
How to Detect JFrame Resizing  - 06/16/2009
Use a Validator to Validate a DOMSource - 06/08/2009
How to Iterate Through All the Properties of a Class - 06/01/2009
Send a Cookie to the Server Using the setRequestProperty Method - 06/01/2009
Calling JTidy from Java to Convert HTML to XHTML - 05/18/2009
How to Declare a java.util.Date in a EJB 3.0 Entity - 05/18/2009
XML Signature Core Validation Failure with Java and Apache Axis - 05/12/2009
Writing a Parameterized SQL Query in EJB 3.0 - 05/05/2009
Avoid Object Instantiation Within Loops - 05/05/2009
Unzipping an Archive from a Servlet - 04/24/2009
Write a Complex Query in Hibernate - 04/10/2009
Inject an EJB 3.0 into the init() Method of a Servlet - 04/03/2009
Build a Custom Formatter for a Java.util.logging Logger - 03/17/2009
Create a New Event Using AWTEventMulticaster - 03/03/2009
Obtain the Local Absolute Path of a Class File - 03/03/2009
Closing an SSLEngine Connection - 02/24/2009
Developing a NIO-Based Client - 02/17/2009
Developing a NIO Server - 02/03/2009
Associate a ServerSocket with a ServerSocketChannel in an NIO App - 01/28/2009
How to Use Properties Files in Java - 01/20/2009
Using the Final Keyword in Java - 01/06/2009
Encode and Decode URLs Using UTF-8 - 12/16/2008
Calling a SOCKS Proxy Server from Java - 12/02/2008
Authenticate to a Proxy Server - 11/25/2008
Work with SSL/LDAP Using Java - 11/18/2008
Make an Immutable Class - 11/11/2008
A Function to Determine Whether a String Can Be Converted to a Number - 11/04/2008
Disable JSP Auto-Reloading - 10/28/2008
Setting Logger Output with FOP - 10/21/2008
Read an XML Document with the StAX Iterator API - 10/07/2008
Capture a Screenshot in Java - 09/23/2008
Create a JavaFX foreach Nested Loop - 09/16/2008
Loading Classes Directly from .jar Archives - 08/25/2008
Play an MP3 Using Java Media Framework - 08/12/2008
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