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XML with Visual Basic and VB.NET - Page 4

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How to Set Topmost Forms
by Patrick Marshall
This tip explains how to use Topmost forms and shares some workarounds for some of their usage problems.
Code for Setting Windows Desktop Wallpaper in VB 2005
by Jay Roxe
This code sets the Windows desktop wallpaper to an arbitrary image on the user's local drive. It illustrates use of VB2005 "My" classes, in this case to find the location of the user's My Pictures directory without a lot of coding.
Accept Multiple Arrays as Parameters
by Leng Dieb
This routine accepts multiple arrays as parameters.
Storing Values in a Windows Registry with VB
by Gayatri Sekhar
This tip shows you VB code you can use to permanently store values in a Windows registry—as well as code to retrieve and delete those values.
Pass a Multi-dimensional Array to a Routine
by Leng Dieb
This code snippet demonstrates how to pass a multi-dimensional array to a routine in .NET.
Convert the Filesize in a Number into String Format
by Budhabhatti Mitesh
Use this code to convert the filesize in a number into string format.
Import Web Content into Your Excel Workbook
by George Daouros
Use this code in conjunction with Micorosoft's WinHTTP tools to import Web content into an Excel workbook.
Suffering from Spam?
by Dan Appleman
Use this VB.NET utility to scan your Web page and extract most email addresses.
Retrieve the Full and Short Pathnames with a Batch File
by HR Nagesh
You can use this code when you've run out of storage in the %PATH% environment variable.
Determine Whether a Combobox Is Being Loaded
by David Acree
Use the ComboBox Created Property to determine if a combobox is being loaded or not.
Close and Save All Except Your Current Window
by Sivaraj Padmaraj
Automate the tedious task of closing and saving multiple windows with this code.
Capturing Key States from a Non-active Window
by Sriram Swaminathan
This function takes a virtual key code as a parameter and returns non-zero if the function succeeds.
Displaying a Value in a Listbox Control
by A Kumaravel
This tip shows you how you can display a value in a listbox control only when there is an existing entry in the data control.
Save a Round Trip to the Database
by David Acree
This tip uses a combobox to retrieve row data.
Enhance the Appearance of Your Web DataGrid
by David Nguyen
This tip descrobes how to alternate the background color of the rows in your Web DataGrid.
USE API Programming to Determine Whether a File Exists
by Ken Yang
This API code can help you check for the existence of a file.
Object Instance Comparison
by Joe Briere
Linking Your Access Databases with ADOX
by Leng Dieb
Print an Error Report with NotePad
by Minh Nguyen Tran Phan
Faster String Processing
Faster String Processing
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